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My friend Kate never fails to come up with a thought provoking topic. Earlier in the week she asked,"What are your thoughts and how do you feel about money?" 

Money IS NOT the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of money that is at the root of the ills in modern society. It would be totally pointless Joe Soap in Harare having £20000 if today it won’t buy a loaf of bread or tomorrow a crust! Money is seen as a way to get status – to get power. Power over your neighbour, with a bigger car, newer disposal unit ect. We have seen in the USA and Zimbabwe how money gives you political power. Desire for money and status is only bad when people do bad things in order to obtain what they desire.

Money, and the need to aquire more of it, is equated to ‘poorness’ and ‘richness.’ Yet another fallacy. In 1992 I was paid 10 times what my father earned in 1962. Does that make him poor and me rich? He could afford to give his family an annual holiday – a luxery not many of the families in our street could emulate – did that make us rich and them poor? I can ‘pay my way’ as my parents would have said. I do not dislike money – only the people who exploit the lives of other’s with the power that financial monopoly gives them.

People do not ‘struggle’ with money. Living in a working class area of Manchester in 1907, the wives would manage the husbands wages with the skill of conjuror. The pawnshop was not a place of ridicule but a ‘poormans’ bank. The emphasis you note is not the lack of oodles of money but on the management of what they had. Todays students complain bitterly about ‘the debt’ of, [The privelege] of attending university. A part time job would negate some of the debt. However look at this debt. £20,000 ? They will leave the ivory tower and will work for say 30 years. They will only have to repay £13 per week over that period! Whats that ? – 2 packets of cigarettes or 4 pints of lager or a posh blouse from Asda/Walmart! A lottery winner many years ago won the equivalant of £1M. Her ‘struggle’ was to get rid of it as soon as possible – Spend! Spend! Spend! was her simple minded answer to her ‘richness.’ Please do not think that I have never been financially embarrassed. For several years the management of my scant resources meant not socialising for months on end. Adding water and half an onion or carrot each day to sunday’s stew! By friday it was healthier to dissolve an oxo cube in a mug of hot water!

The one lesson I learnt from my upbringing and education was that saving is a virtue not a crime.  Money is good. Money is a tool to use in every day life.  Do not blame the implement – blame those who misuse it. Look after the pennies and the Pounds, Dollars, Yuans or Rands will look after themselves! As you sow, so shall you reap.




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  1. Laird     OK, so the hive is stirred up (if only for a moment and all in good fun)!  You and I are blessed with this medium to be able to express our joys, hopes, pains and life experiences. Others are not so fortunate.  Not all graffiti should  be considered vandalism. Have you never seen the beauty in  a well executed "tag"? True, the energy could be put to some other constructive use, but I choose to see the beauty in things where you may choose otherwise.     Thank you for your lovely comment and "zap!" (my D, after reading the comment and "zap!" hugged my neck, laughed and apologized…I was as, you Brits say, "gobsmacked"! and she is, after all, only 11).I will never rescind a comment left by a friend, just so\’s you know!!     Thank you for letting me "express" my self with my own brand of graffiti….the hive is now at ease.take care Lairdyour NORTH CAROLINA friend,Sheila (aka the "hag")

  2. As I commented on Kate\’s blog, my contentment lies not in how much money I have but how loved I feel.

  3. Hi Laird
    Good old Kate she certainly gets everyone going, any subject she brings up gets all us commentators going.   Money is a useful commodity and lack of it should not be allowed to stop you from enjoying yourself
    Your postcard from Greece says it all – something that money cannot buy
    Love Suki x

  4. Hello Laird,
    I have enjoyed the blog in comment of money and its good or bad value as well as the blog on postcards from Greece.
    In conclusion, money is just another form of bartering. Stepping back in history, this could have been cloth, honey, beads, food. But enough said.  

  5.  Not a change of mind – just a lousy memory. Do you think Kate will delete it?

  6. I don\’t see why it should be deleated, it is a diamond in the dust.
    btw. I don\’t think that pawning your wedding ring for 2/6 on a Monday only to pay 3 bob to get it back on Friday, is managing money with the skill of a conjuror, more like the road to ruin. Once in the jaws of sharks…

  7. Hello Laird,
       I\’ve never thought money was evil either.. .just the misuse of it.  I\’ve NEVER had lots of money… yet people wonder how we have been able to provide for our large family… it was strictly on how we handled what little we had.  True… we haven\’t had a lot of life\’s luxaries…. but then… my children have learned to work to provide for things… which I feel has been a blessing.  Not saying it wouldn\’t be nice to have more.. hahahaha..but…. that will probably never happen.  Anyway… very good blog.  Hope all is well… Vallerie 

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