At last.

Well  at last I am off for a few days break in Jorvik. What with one thing and another I was beginning to think I would never get away. The first break of the year and its only 4 months to christmas! The weather is dry so hopefully no floods in the west riding. I shall maybe attending a Past Life Regression Workshop tomorrow night so at least I shall have something to tell you about when I return. This morning I received a postcard from Mexico, some 16 days after it was posted – Never complain about our post office again! I finished reading du Mauriers ‘House on the Strand’ last night. I can recommend it! I have had a clear out of all my dusty shelves and cupboards and am taking 3 boxes of miscellaneous ‘junk’ for Nic to sell on his ebay shop – at a commission of course!  I am planning another excursion late September but have not yet decided where. Getting into the groove of retirement is one thing, getting into a rut is another. This will be my first big run in the new car M42/M1/A1 all motorway til I get passed Leeds boring – you cannt drive AND admire the scenery. The only landmark I shall see of interest will be Ferrybridge C Power Station – ‘famous’ because a couple of years after it became operational its cooling towers collapsed!
See you all next week.

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  1.  hello,how are you?Long time not to see you .
    Hoping you could have a good rest there and take more intresting stories and pics home:)

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