SPUTNIK . . . . . .

Whilst it is no consolation I am pleased that I am not the only one having problems out there – if replacing double glazing was not so expensive this computer would have been through the glass and gathering rust in the driveway. Well it all started when I downloaded a picture. . . . [ And before you ask it was a pretty Cotswold village cottage].. . .which I was going to send to a friend. Now if our lords and masters at msn had not a) blocked my password and b) allowed me to change said password, the firewall [ Oh yes they cashed the payment] would have zapped whatever virus hit the rig! Thanks a bunch Micheal.
In order to resolve the problem my local computer shop experts took the data down to its bare limits – a week later and I am now back to where I was 8 years ago.The machine is configured differently and I have lost all my favourite websites – the poems and endless ‘blonde jokes’ will be a bit thin on the ground for a while !!
 I initially created a new blog which has now disappeared and hey presto this one is accessible again. The printer is a problem – it won’t.
The weather has been sunny and cold here I imagine it is softening us up for a raw winter! I have just received a letter from my health centre reminding me,as a pensioner, that I should pop along for an influenza jab.Many folk when I worked had these jabs and 99% of them contracted flu soon after, so I never bothered! One by-product of being computerless is that I have ‘discovered’ my local public library again. I was unable to get online on one of a bank of computer’s there so I took out a couple of books and have enjoyed the experience!  A second consequence is that I now have lunch at the only decent eating house in the town. If I was being dramatic I would call it a Bistro its only drawback i s the huge screen on one of the walls usually showing music channel video’s. I still prefer Radio, and Planet Rock is a great digital station! Since smoking has been quite rightly banned in British pubs, it is a pleasure eating and drinking in a smokeless pub!!!! 
I now work,unpaid,for my local municipal council – sorting my garbage before depositing it in the correct receptacle. Brown for tins and bottles, green for garden waste , [Could nt be any other I suppose!], and the old black wheelie bin for the rest. Recycle Recycle Recycle.
One news item reminded me that it was 50 years ago that the  first Sputnik orbited the planet – what an achievement – that really was the first step for mankind. How I wished my Grandfather had lived 3 months longer. He moaned when I listened to Dan Dare on Radio Luxembourg [208]. Load of rubbish – space travel – Well that is what his granddad said about motor cars and railway engines! At the time however that signal was menacing – the cold war had entered space!
I am becoming rather annoyed at the, so far, mindless minority who are attempting to find a reason,[any reason], to disrupt next year’s olympics in Pekin. If they do not like China,why award the games to that country in the first place? Please don’t mention human rights – The people in Zimbabwe and Burma and Northern Korea have NO rights – sort them out first….Oh, I was forgetting – they also have NO oil!  The people who still live in tents and trailer parks 2 years after earthquake and hurricane  also have rights – maybe there governments will remember that before the forthcoming presidential elections in Pakistan and USA?
Finally,thanks for trying to keep up with the Laird, I think I am back !

4 thoughts on “SPUTNIK . . . . . .

  1. Nice to see you up and about again… Re: Olimpics. I bet I can run faster than you.   Ho…I cant wait for the beach volley ball  😉

  2. You are So right, Laird.  I get so freakin\’ frustrated that our government champions the cause of so called liberty and justice for the abused around the world while completely ignoring the plight of those suffering right here in the good ol\’ US of A.  Acting as though we are a beacon of hope for the downtrodden, as our president threatens to veto health insurance for CHILDREN of the working poor.  I\’m not defending China here … but people in glass houses …
    That\’s all I\’m sayin\’ …
    Glad to have you back … I\’ve missed you.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for popping up and leaving your comments! Really appreciated these!
    Oh about the "Who understands Men?", guess you are right to some points……;-P
    I totally agree with your last paragraph and with Cindy\’s comment…… still it\’s not better here neither you know.
    I really don\’t understand where and how Governments lose their brains and hearts…… if ever they had one……
    Well you can drop in anytime again!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Take care,
    P.S I first saw your comments on Kate\’s space. I popped in but actaually hesitated to leave my comment, well am happy you did it first!

  4. Glad you are back, Laird.  These boxes can be such a major fry, eh?  I am thinking maybe when they get too old or too full they poop out–seems to be a pattern.  Glad you have re-discovered the delight of a good book.  I have recently found they are wonderful. 
    Really love gazing at the pictures of castles–there is one in there that looks very like Castle Rising Castle, fooled me for a minute!  How I would love to get back to your country and go Castle adventuring!

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