Morning all – first let me congratulate South Africa on there rugby union World Cup victory. One wonder’s if France,[beaten semi finalists], would have succeeded where we failed? As the Australians discovered long ago on the cricket field – the English react with due deference when finishing second – we find it too difficult handling being No. 1. I must admit at this point that the rules of the Union code are as mystyfying to me as those of the american version – to confuse the world they call it football! Rugby League however is a game for real men. No scrimmaging with sweaty faces in close proximity to a collegues butt. Helmets and 80lb of padding is for whimps, the Rugby teams of St Helens, Wigan, Leeds and Bradford ect., must be the fittest and most robust athletes on the planet.  Our football team, [11 men, 1 round ball], have almost managed not to qualify for next years European Cup competition. They went to Moscow and lost 2 -1 on Wednesday.
Anyone been bored enough to watch the proceedings of the CPC in Beijing? My impression is that it mirrored 11th and 12th century rule of our Kings and Nobility. Power from the top being passed down through the chains of command to the likes of you and me – the peasants! Here in Europe we like to imagine that the process works differently in a ‘democracy’. If you can imagine the last 1000 years of our history being compressed into a 100, then that is what is happening in China today. Invasion – civil wars – industrial revolution – social and economic change. 
History never fails to repeat itself – a fact we should accept and learn from.
While the weather stays dry I have been in the garden pruning and chopping plants ect. Yesterday I went for my flu jab – today my joints ache – one of the side effects. These jabs are incidently free on our National Health Service to silver surfers like me, having attained the age of 65.
Have a good week.

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  1. Never been much of a football fan in whatever form … other than when  my children played soccer.  I stopped following world news a few weeks ago hoping it would lessen my anxiety and frustration.  Not sure it has worked as it was one of the few things I was still interested in.  Kind of a \’Catch 22\’. 

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