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9 thoughts on “21.12.2007

    Hi  Laird,
    I hope your winter solstice week is wonderful.  I did look through all your castle photos.  A great collection.  I like castles a lot.  Have you visited all these castles?  I wonder how many of these castles are still livable?  It must be very difficult to keep them maintained.  Seems to me the English built castles in Wales and in France, too. 
    Peace on Earth the angels sang,

  2. Hi stranger – although I neednt talk as not been on Spaces for a while but do stay in touch by email 🙂  Anyway just come to wish you A Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year (by the way our motor home may be available if interested?  We are upgrading to a larger one for my \’luggage\’  let me know if you are interested.  <hugs> xx 

  3. All the best to you and yours in the coming year Laird,
    Happy Holidays!

  4. I thought as I\’d had a stay of execution I\’d pop along in and wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR….:)
    love n hugs
    Eth xxx

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