January Blues


I’ve got the January Blues,
Stay in bed till late,
Feel the excess Christmas weight,
Sad all the excitement’s gone,
Want to feel happy,
But its so hard,
Only thing to look forward to,
Is my Valentine’s card.
The chill in the air,
Makes me want to snooze,
Got no money after Christmas,
For the January sales,
And it’s so quiet here,
In rainy Wales,
Guess I’ll just hibernate,
And wake with the spring,
And my January Blues,
Will fade with the news,
Of a hot summer to come,
The sea, sand and sun,
Yippee, bring it on!

Lynda Robson


4 thoughts on “January Blues

  1. Nope, not gonna go there…there is snow in our forecast for tonight and everyone here is excited…haven\’t seen the stuff in three winter seasons! Cheer up Laird, we need the hornest\’s nest stirred up a bit (smile).
    hugs, hugs

  2. gaining a bit extra weight during the holiday season becomes sort of a routine nowadays….and it also lets us have something meaningful to do to ourselves: getting rid of that stuff….lol……
    judging from the comment you made on my blog, i guess you know very well about the States…i do too…studying and working there for quite some years made me have to admit what you commented is something true: they do see people with an empty stomach end up shooting people carrying food. but you have to admit the fact that it\’s very easy to get a pistol there, and the shooting is still something quite unusual. if pistols or guns are equally obtainable in China, i guess you can imagine what\’s going to happen. i can assure you that you\’ll see guerillas occupying their bases all over the country now, not the situation that about 80% Americans use their guns to commit suitcide….

  3. correction: for all the gun-killing incidences took place in the States, statistics shows that about 80% are found to be suitcide users

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