Richard Dugdale’s —


An Orphan, I was lonely left,
    No kindred lived to cheer;
Of every friendly hand bereft,
    To wipe the Orphan’s tear.
But now Misfortune’s clouds are past,
    No wanderer now I roam;
My wearied feet I rest at last,—
    The Orphan’s found a home.

‘Twas not the wealthy weighed my grief,
    They felt not as I’ve done;
The proffer’d hand which gave relief,
    Was stretched by misery’s son.
The lonely cottage on yon cliff,
    Dashed by the Ocean’s foam;
Has dried the wanderer’s tear-worn cheek,
    ‘Tis now the Orphan’s home.

No more I’ll leave this happy spot,
    Where he was wont to dwell;
Who gave to me his land, his cot,
    Then took a last farewell.
The lily now is blooming gay,
    With which I’ll deck the tomb
Of him, whom heav’n has sent this way
    To bless me with a home.

Branch Road, Blackburn,
    May, 1838.



4 thoughts on “Victoriana

  1. Beautiful and bitterswwet comtemplation!
    Have a great Sunday afternoon and evening Laird
    Best Regards from Alaska

  2. Hello Laird,
    I hope you\’ve been having a lovely weekend.  I\’m still buried in snow and it\’s outrageously cold.  Well … it warmed up for a couple of days but that just means it\’s going to snow again. *crosses eyes*

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