So it would appear our elected representatives are hell bent on building another generation of  nuclear power stations here in dear old blighty.

2 years ago it was estimated that the cost of decommissioning Britains decaying nuclear power plants could be around 70 billion pounds, about 14 billion pounds more than previously estimated. [ Nuclear Decommissioning Authority]. The higher cost could have an impact on the government’s energy review which will consider the possibility of building new nuclear plants.  The estimated cost for decommissioning insecure and aging nuclear power stations is 63 billion pounds with a potential for a further £7.5 billion due to issues like "contaminated land",  said a Decommissioning Agency spokesman.

£ 70 500 000 000 000. That equates to: One Million,one hundred and seventy five thousand Pounds, for every man, woman and child in the country. Or £500 per week until 2050.

CHEAP ELECTRICITY FROM NUCLEAR ENERGY IS, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN, A FALLACY – IT COSTS MORE PER KILOWATT HOUR TO BUILD THEM, TAKES 3 TIMES AS LONG TO CONSTRUCT, COSTS MORE TO OPERATE THEM AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO MAKE THEM "SAFE". The carbon footprint to mine the uranium, process it and transport it halfway around the world, and the subsequent construction is possibly greater than any saving from subsequent electrical generation.   "Every time the costs of cleaning up nuclear sites are looked at, the cost for the taxpayer spirals," said a spokeswoman for environmental group Greenpeace.

 The government has also said it would press ahead with the sale of BNG, the clean-up unit of state-owned British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. Analysts say the sale could attract bids of up to 1 billion pounds from U.S.-based companies such as Halliburton. Halliburton? The single largest private recipient of Iraqi oil proceeds? Halliburton? Who with the CIA aided the Taliban in Afganistan? Halliburton? Who supplied Iraqi Saddam Hussein with armaments to wage war against Iran? Allegedly, Halliburton today is selling goods and services to IRANIAN companies through a Cayman Islands subsidiary. [source: http://www.halliburtonwatch.org/shareholder2004.html ]

IRAN- remember? One of the enemies of the Bush/Blair axis ! Get the idea? Sell WMD to a country,then invade it to remove WMD ! Cool dudes !

I thought Thatcher, Major and Blair had sold or mortgaged all the countries assets but no, a few remain,BNLF being one of them. This raises the question: How much more of this country is to be sold off to aid American Commercial Imperialism ? The French and Germans have already rescued a few of our stratigic energy suppliers from the Eagle’s clutches. Russia controls Europe’s gas supplies. That fact alone should be ringing bells along with lighting a few warning beacons! My works pension is paid by a German company and worse than that, our top soccer teams are owned by Russians, Americans and Arabs! ! With a generation of European youth, I grew up playing piggy in the middle between American, capitalist domination  and Soviet, Communist domination. The threat of nuclear annhilation has largely disappeared only to be replaced by Bush and his cohorts, who are hellbent on the total monopolization of the worlds oil supply, with the resulting stranglehold on world trade. Maybe the democrats will change things in November? I will not hold my breath!

So to become less dependant on liquid gold,perhaps we should allow the French to build 25 nuclear power stations, after all they are the european experts at such projects,with 80% of their electricity coming from that source! That way all the unemployed europeans will have jobs for life here, while we all emigrate to southern Spain or France! 




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  1. You certainly know how to get your message across:)  Is it possible for every man, woman and child to declare bankrupcy I wonder????   Need to do it whilst we still have some English speaking people in authority I think.  Well put my friend xx

  2. Thanks for your visit and comment – I hope next time you will come and visit Slimbridge:) xx

  3. Interesting post £.   … cool dude\’s indeed. yes, I have been hearing bells for years, but it seems like the powers that be, are stone deaf.
    This ship is sinking but i\’m not a rat.

  4. geez! help!! help… we are all but rats in this rat race.like GeRAT! i hafta explain economics to a person who is aged?if you do not understand the Chinese language and hafta refer to a "robotic" translator then comment not on our behavior as a race nor stuff that you in no way comprehend, aye?

  5. Interesting stuff. Gotta agree with you on commercialisation thing, cos some companies do have a questionable ethics and their priorities. But you might want to get your numbers right (the shock value of everyone coughing up a million each is just unrealistic), 70 500 000 000 000 is 70 trillion, 500 billion… thats a tad more than the 1 trillion pound debt people in Britain owe at the moment. (but does it even matter now :P)
    As for your anti nuclear thing. uncalled for. Nuclear power is one of the most efficient ways of producing electricity. The waste does cause a concern, but for the amount of electricity they produce, its next to nothing and in addition, its possible to recycle the fuel used and more electricity generation… but that assumes that the original plant is capable to using both fuel types.  The safety measures they have in place ensure the safety of the workers involved and those around. It\’s so safe that you probably get a higher radiation dose from flying from uk to usa and back.
    The only more efficient way to produce power is probably fusion, but the furthest they have with that is ITER which will only be a test along the road to fusion power (same stuff that powers the sun)… which is years and years away. Brits seem to have a problem with wind power… i remember i ranted on about them a few years ago…
    Also, just for amusement, Jeremy Clarkson satirised the whole thing a few weeks ago. [READ THIS]
    The point is, don\’t be so quick to jump on any particular bandwagon… theres always more than 1 point of view.

  6. I\’m always at a loss for words when you start blaming America for the world\’s woes.   Why is everything always our fault.  We are damned if we do and damned if we don\’t in most cases.  I don\’t know a lot about a lot but I do know that most of us are pretty damned good people.  Doesn\’t stop us from electing dumb asses though.  (I want to make it clear that I didn\’t vote for the current dumb ass.)
    Oops … lookie there … I found some words …

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