We have long since abolished slavery as an absolute moral evil. And, we have long since replaced the energy it supplied with a dependency on concentrated forms of energy mined from the ground, namely coal, oil and natural gas.

Those fuels, supplemented with some nuclear, hydroelectric and renewable energy, provide Americans with the equivalent of 147 energy slaves.

That means it would take the equivalent of 147 people working continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week to supply the energy currently used by each American.

Don’t you just love all these facts. . . . just to get you to turn down that thermostat . . . and save your children’s planet.


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  1. As they say in Scotland….och aye noooooo!  We are not so horrible here in America, and not the only ones who consume.  Most of us here are decidedly not wealthy–quite the opposite! ……just tryin\’ to make it paycheck to paycheck, keep the family fed.  And like the rest of the \’advanced\’ nations, we (the populace, at least) are learning what the priorities are all about.  Do not hasten to judge us by our \’leader\’–remember, he stole the election–most of us want little to do with him.  We are all brothers and sisters, hey, oh, and away we go…….

  2. There you go again … 
    I DO realize that we use plenty of the earth\’s resources BUT the rest of the world is hardly sitting around in the dark.  As Sarah said … most of us are just living our simple lives … paying our bills as best we can … some of us are even doing what we can to preserve the planet.  So lay off already …

  3. Cindy and Sarah, its not the real folk that annoy me its the guys running the place that worry me and the fact that they can rig an election!!

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