Blackadder ?????

The Archbishop of Canterbury is set to make his first public appearance since controversy erupted over his comments on sharia law.Rowan Williams last night hit back at criticism, amid growing calls for his resignation. A statement on his website. He was "exploring ways in which reasonable accommodation might be made within existing arrangements for religious conscience" and his core aim was "to tease out some of the broader issues around the rights of religious groups within a secular state". The last politician to "tease out issues" within the secular state of England was Enoch Powell. He predicted the separation of the various cultures,that flood into the country, would eventually cause mistrust and disharmony amongst all citizens and possibly lead to civil disorder. [Sound familiar?]. Adopting any foreign culture is definately NOT the answer. We are led to believe that millions fled to this country to escape the very cultural ethics the the archbishop wants to re introduce to England. Reintroduce? It is only 300 years ago that we stopped chopping off the hands of thieves, 150 years ago that we abolished slavery and 80 years ago that women received the vote. If the immigrants value our society they should live within its rule! After all they all gained independance from the benevolent British Empire because they did not value our contribution to their development. If Dr Rowan wants to minister to the followers of Sharia Law let him set up camp in Iran or Nigeria, not in Canterbury or York. 


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  1. Looks like  DR. Rowan got a wooden spoon for x/mas, while the Archbishop of Canterbury  is obviously politically naive.
    Man U.  2    Man C.  0.     I think I have said that earlier.

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