I am both excited by, and greatly confused by, modern technology.  
I hear that "Internet users in Britain who illegally download films and  music face being banned from going online, according to leaked government proposals published in The Times on Tuesday. According to the plans, the government "will move to legislate to require Internet Service Providers to take action on illegal file sharing" which record companies and film companies say is costing them billions of ££££’s in lost revenue."
If they can distinguish between those of us who use the internet as a tool of education and those who do not buy their records at HMV or WH SMITH why the **** do they not ban women and girls who willingly run sites showing themselves naked ? Much more relevant to todays weird internet society, why don’t they close down ALL the porn sites ?? Including the sites that earn revenue for all ISP’s ??????

3 thoughts on “TWO FACED ?

  1. Aaah yes … but what would those government officials do during their lunch hours if you took away all the porn?

  2. My thoughts EXACTLY!!   However you know what they say, money talks!!   Porn and sex is big big money and would appear be seen as more revenue than music!  From this I can only assume we are all sex maniacs whose demands must be met and the small minority of music lovers can be made to pay or suffer for their \’addiction\’ ! 

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