When the advertisements come on the TV I usually disappear into the kitchen and make a warm drink or finish preparing my main meal. However last Saturday I was glued to the screen, watching United’s 2nd eleven humiliate Arsenal’s 2nd eleven. 4 – 0 Open-mouthed
That was nt what made me really happy and smiley, no scousetown losing at home to Barnsley gave me a really warm glow!!!!
However one of the adverts, not related to womens vanity, was one for the launch of a new film called "Bucket List"   Another film helping increase the pensions of Jack Nichalson  and Morgan Freeman? Maybe, but as United scored the fourth goal I got to thinking what my "Bucket List" would be.
Travel route 66? Visit Virginia in autumn, the Aztec pyramids,the great barrier reef, that wall in china?the rift valley? Or perhaps. . . .  
1. Rid myself of this pathalogical fear of aeroplanes and flying.
2. Having achieved the first, visit each of the other four continents.
3. Rid myself of all my prejudice’s.
4. Having achieved this I could draw all those who offend my personal sense of morality to my bosom.      Whether this would give me more peace of mind or embarrass them is open to debate.
5. Rid myself of my Englishman’s sense of "Fairplay"
6. Having done this I "Would play to win" not just take part!
7. Watch a hollywood film and not laugh at the historical or textual inaccuracies.
8. Retire to my desert island with my 8 records and not give a **** about the previous seven !
The longer you contemplate – the longer the list. 

5 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST

  1. The Barnsley goal keeper deserves a medal, world class saves every 5 minuets and lady luck playing her part, made for a exciting and most enjoyable game. The result just made it even more enjoyable.
    Yes, number  8   sounds about right.

  2. I love your list!!  I think it\’s great and I would like to try the same thing on my space if it is ok with you.
    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment.  Let\’s see if I can explain a toaster overn to you.  You can toast bread in it, bake a cake in it, cook a pizza in it and broil meat in it.  It is small enough to fit on your countertop.

  3. What a bad memory! I forgot to congratulate M.U, especially you!
    Don’t contemplate more, as your bucket list has been SO LONGJ Try your best to finish No.1, then I will show you around the Great Wall.

  4. I\’ve completed my \’bucket list\’ and I would be pleased if you would stop back by my space and take a peek!

  5. There are just too many things out of my reach … don\’t want to even get started on this one.

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