DISCOVERING . . . . . . .

Britain, John Noel Nichols first discovered the unique taste of Vimto in 1908.  The special combination of fruits, herbs and spices were first known as Vimtonic and later shortened to Vimto and subsequently registered as a trademark in 1912.  The distinct herbs and spices that contribute to the secret recipe were sourced from around the world and as Vimto’s popularity grew overseas, the Nichols group began developing an export market.

In the early 1920’s Richard Goodsir, a friend of John Noel Nichols,  took a few samples of Vimto concentrate with him to India for the local bottling firms to sample.  The British troops from the North West Regiments provided an immediate market as Vimto offered a welcome memory of the taste of home


Vimto in Bottles, Cans and Tetra Paks are also exported from the UK and from other production locations worldwide, to overseas distributors for onward supply in a number of markets. Vimto concentrate is exported to  licensees in over 65 countries where they can easily produce the delicious Vimto in a variety of different formats including carbonated, still and dilutable cordial.  The concentrate contains the secret recipe of herbs, fruit extracts, essences and spices that no-one else can reproduce.



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