Freedom Is For The Dead


Seek not for freedom
For in this life there is none
The rich don’t have it
Neither do the poor
The educated and the ignorant
Search for it in vain
And even if one finds it
He is enslaved to keep it

Freedom is for the dead
Because in death
There is no knowledge
There is no pain or sorrow

Jemarie Ragudo


5 thoughts on “Freedom Is For The Dead

  1. What is freedom ,  Is it that shadow that Skip\’s across the grass, then disappears into the sunshine.

  2. hey hey, \’pray tell what you wld be doing on the 23rd of April…Your Saint\’s Day.& please spare me the facts/ history of the blah, blahs. \’just wld love to know you  better in a >personal me: St. Patrick\’s day is but a legtimate excuse to have a pint or two. lol. but say…       –     if i was a "proclaimed" saint as he was: "flattered" merely a word—i wld know not, neither care 😛 Truth lies on a void and im a silly little human being, knowing but bits… .. dawn.p.S:on your post above- i beg to differ. 1. never heard of this "poet".2. his interpretation/ definition suck!3. simply put— i like Not the way he thinks/ …feels *YUCKY!*[so you knw..this is my feel and nothing personal against you, etc, etc]

  3. DIYIn   itself   life  is  neutral.    We  make  it  beautiful,  we  make  itugly;   life  is  what  energy  we  bring  to  it. If 
    you pour your energy into life,  it is  beautiful.  If  you simplysit 
    there and you want it to be beautiful,  then it might not be— you  have
    to  create  beauty.  Beauty  is  not  there like an object, like  a rock. 
    Beauty has to be created.  You have to give a visionto reality,  you
    have to give  color  to reality,  you have to give asong to reality— 
    then  it  is  beautiful.      So  whenever  you  participate  in  creating  beauty,  it is 
    there; whenever you stop  creating,  it is not.  Beauty  is a creation; so
    isugliness.  Happiness is a creation;  so is misery.  You get only thatwhich you  create,  and  you never  get  anything  else.  That is thewhole 
    philosophy of  karma:   You  get  only  that  which  you do.      Life  is just a 
    blank  canvas—  you can paint a  beautiful scene, a  landscape, or you
    can paint black ghost  and  dangerous people.It\’s  up to you.  You  can 
    make  a  beautiful  dream or  a nightmare.      Once this is understood,  things  are  very  simple.  You  are 
    the painter;  it  is  your  responsibility.  Ordinarily  we  think  that  life
    has  some  objective  beauty and objective  ugliness.   No!  Life  is just an opportunity. It  gives  you  all  that  is  needed:  Now  do it yourself!   It  is 
    a  do-it-yourself  affair. 😀 resource——— on one pt. i agree is that — no man is an island.freedom is mine. the world my oyster :PBut only becos of Austerity:JESUS is my God.

  4. This piece is so true! 
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my space.  Hope you enjoyed the visit, and do come again soon!

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