This is progress ??

Just in case anyone has any doubts about  the previous blog – this is what is happening in Zimbabwe, next door to South Africa.  25 years ago when the British left it was a prosperous country. It exported food and goods to its less fortunate neighbours, unemployment among all its citizens was low. 
This report is By SkyNews –
 "Zimbabwe goes to the polls on Saturday amid growing international concern that President Robert Mugabe intends to manipulate the vote. The two main opposition candidates have also expressed doubts that the contest will be free and fair.Mr Mugabe has refused to allow western observers into the country and the 84-year-old has threatened to post his police inside polling stations as he tries to maintain his iron grip on power. "

 At the last election only people who voted for him were given food. Prosperous land was ‘redistributed’ to his supporters. Most of it now lies fallow for want of expert husbandry.

"At the municipal rubbish dump just outside the second city Bulawayo dozens of people pick through the acres of rotting debris, trying to find something of value to sell. With unemployment now at 80% growing numbers have to make a living this way. The state of the nation’s economy would be farcical if the consequences were not so tragic. With inflation running at 100,000% the currency is almost worthless, counted out in huge wads of 10 million dollar notes – each one worth about 15p. Even those who have cash struggle to find much to buy with it. We found many of the supermarket shelves empty, bar a few imported canned goods.

A tin of baked beans now costs 38 million dollars. The forecourts of the petrol stations are deserted but on every street corner you see men selling bottles of fuel. The black market is thriving, but the people are not. In the main cemetery in Bulawayo, row after row of fresh graves tell the story of the downfall of this country. In the past decade of Mr Mugabe’s rule life expectancy has plummeted to 37 for men and 34 for women – the lowest in the world. AIDS, poverty and a lack of health care are killing off the country’s future. The hospitals are clean and orderly but they don’t even have basic drugs or equipment to treat the patients and the salaries of the staff barely cover what it costs them to travel to work. "

Anyone who talks glibley about Imperialist oppression should read the above again and think seriously before funding these african warlords.

Is this what my British taxes have subsidised? If so lets stop paying these madman – now !



3 thoughts on “This is progress ??

  1. Yes, I saw this report on Sky News this morning and it is sadly all true. My gut feel is that S.A. will be heading down the same road as all the precursor signs and symptoms are everywhere to be seen.

  2. The world\’s a…mad-house! what can i say?re you comment on my sapce:i agree.  religion has indeed become more of a doctrine than of faith. perhaps nothing short of the second coming wld "break these shackles."many examples i wanna illustrate …but the tick is tokling . ttly – dawn

  3. We are just voices in the wilderness – there is a distant rumbling scarcely heard and whispered voices that are rising to a shout –  we stand on the edge of anarchy – will these voices ever be heard?  There is so much change needs to be done but where are our leaders?  We are too old and tired to take on a fight like this and our youths do not listen to the wisdom of their peers or elders  – they might though if someone strong would stand up and speak – I hope for the sake of Britain this happens before we too end up with a Dictator and we become the same as SA – Unfortunately over the years I have become a pessamist also 😦  Well done you though for your words and perhaps a germ of them will reach the right person/persons and make them think – however I will not hold my breath <hugs> xx

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