Well its spring and our clocks went forward one hour at the weekend. This morning I awoke just as one of my neighbours was leaving for work. I looked at the clock with bleary eyes, switched on the radio and slumped back still in that state of half sleep, half wakefulness. As I gained full consciousness I listened to an item regarding Finches. Apparently they overwinter here in England and then migrate back to Europe for the summer to breed. The changing climate has apparently interferred with this natural cycle. They are staying here longer than they should, in fact building nests for their young. This of course means they are feeding on insects and worms that our Blackbird and Thrush need for rearing their young. The authorities have decided therefore to capture the finches and transport them back to continental europe.  As I dragged myself fom the warmth of my duvet, the famous greenwich pips sounded the hour. It was 8 o’ clock, Tuesday, April 1st.. . . . . …

One thought on “Yawn…..Yawn…..

  1. I would rather they send the blackbird back to Europe, and allow the Finches to stay.
    Good April fool joke though. lol

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