In city A an ATM throws a wobbly and on inserting your card doles out £10, without charging your account. News gets around and soon a queue forms with people obtaining "free" £10 notes. Soon the machine is empty. The only red faces belong to the Bank.
In city B a card was inserted and dispenses 10 times that amount. Ask for 10 you get 100! A user walks away with  £1200! A friend withdraws £400. The friend has a conscience and returns the £400. The long arm of the law catches up with these two. The friend is imprisoned for 1 year, A user receives 5 years gets a fine of £100 and has to return the proceeds of his ‘good fortune.’
Question: Which city has the correct moral answer to theft. A or B ?

9 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO CITIES

  1. I would rather think it is a legal problem rather than a moral answer.
    Morality can\’t cure the greed in this society! That\’s why China adopts the modern law systems from the West instead of its long traditional regulations and rules. But now we see China at the moment when its glorious past is reconstructed combining with the new concept and culture.
    Proud of our ancient greatness!

  2. Theft is theft in any language except in the halls of power, where they call it "council tax."

  3. Theft symbolic of a society not providing for all. Imprisonment cruel &unproductive

  4. Pity this trisha hides behind msn\’s cloak of anonimity, mind you that does nt surprise me. Do gooders like her[?] are the reason that political correctness has gone wild. Theives and vagabonds are born, not  children of social politics.
    The only lesson they have learnt is that a weak society is open to eternal rip offs.

  5. I am not hiding. Trisha wilson,6b noble close.wallisdown.bournemouth.bh11 8qy.born 1958 i saw hippies battered by police as they stood 4 peace,sitting down. Is my message so pc that u wipe it.i too went 2 school, u should debate. U keep only those currying favour comments.4 Kenny, council tax is also demanding money with menaces.

  6. Y not have an open fair debate?wiping my comments,claiming i do not have the courage ofmy own convictions.you sound like a politician! Queen elizabeth was well off because of piracy.is this the element u want in the slammer?or is it the crooked landlord,or corprate tax avoider.this arena is eternally ripping us off 4 what is considered 2b more than all other crime revenue added together.the criminals, that are the victims of injustice could be released&compensted to make room.

  7. Trisha.
                  The strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong, that\’s how it is.  Deal with it.
    The £aird in my opinion was correct in dealeating your comment,. For how can you hold an "open and fair debate" with a nobody.

  8. I know that is the way it is.i dont think it is truely smart though.everyone doing their best, valued by each other and striving 4 everyone 2 have a decent worthwhile existance would be truely smart.so many wasted lives producing substandard produce maintaining this class differential, where,through jealousy breeding hate nobody is truely safe.love, joy & awe.

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