Today is one of those days when I despair of the world around me. Hopefully the local Museum will be saved and Cindy is right I do tend to bash the Americans with gay, [am I allowed to use that word?], abandon. I cannot remember any time, when in the last 40 years, I have been in agreement with the politicians of that country. This is a pity as most of the people I have met in Cyberspace are decent, hardworking Americans. The body politic in Washington DC appears to have lost touch with them as well as me! However, today my gripe is with China.

The torch relay IS a political gesture, who would think any differently? Only in London did it truly wave in the name of the Olympic ideal. Only in London were the police able to handle the crowds. In Paris, San Francisco, Rio de Janario, Islamabad and Delhi it was hidden from the public gaze. Which civil servant on which committee in Beijing decided the Olympic torch should circumnavigate the world?  If that country has the equivalent of a ‘salt mine in Siberia’ he should be sent there forthwith. He may be dismayed but it came as no surprise to me, that a month before the torch left Athens, the Mad Monks branch of the Lhasa Rentamob were out on that cities streets. Sending the torch on its journey was too good an opportunity for anti China protests. The question is not why it happened but who financed the insurrection?

History tells us that the state of Texas was dragged screaming into the Federation of United States of America, some 140 years ago. Some 800 years ago the Principality of Wales became part of the growing United Kingdom, following centuries of border wars with the English. It is as inconceivable for Texan and Welsh cessation from The USA and England respectively, as it is for Tibet to be divorced from Greater China.  Tibet has been part of China, longer than Normandy has been part of France!

Having said that and agreeing with the Chinese view that controlling mobs in Lhasa, intent on violence and destruction, is an internal affair, why are they supplying arms to Zimbabwe? A Chinese ship, the An Yue Jiang, containing a 77-tonne cargo – including  rounds of ammunition, AK47 assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades arms destined for the landlocked Zimbabwe, has docked in South Africa. Irrespective of whether the arms are for the illegal Mugabe clique or for the rightfully elected government of that destitute country the sale of armaments is illegal and immoral. If China wants the respect of the world, forget the torch, just get this ship to sail to the deepest part of the Indian Ocean and dump its cargo.


2 thoughts on “DUMP THE JUNK

  1. lol…..Laird…
    if….and  if…if you choose to come to China during the Olympics and get in contact with some government officials here (remember: let them read the beginning part of this piece before you come), i think they will probably put you on the list of the list of the most welcome!
    sure! CNN did lie one way or another, but, i like most about this line: I think they are basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they have been in the last 50 years! this is the best and most exciting line i\’ve ever read about Chinese government! lol……….I think no truer words than them!
    funny about this part:I cannot remember any time, when in the last 40 years, I have been in agreement with the politicians of that country
    and the Chinese government might just reverse their previous decision of putting you on the top welcome list due to your final call for their dumping those weapons into the Indian Ocean! lol……….

  2. You know … I have a big problem with how our government runs our country a lot of times and it completely astounds me that the government officials we elect don\’t appear to be representing the interests of the people who elected them.   BUT!  I don\’t think we are responsible for all the ails of the world … some places  … yes … others … no.  We are damned if we do and damned if we don\’t. 
    Olympics?   I think any America who saves a few bucks buying Chinese goods at Walmart should NOT protest the Olympics being held in China.   If their government is good enough to trade with, they are good enough to play sports with.  That\’s just my opinion. 
    You know I love ya despite your bashing with gay abandon.

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