Vacances en France

In all honesty I am not brim full of anticipation but the countdown to this years ‘Grand Tour’ has begun. I have tended the garden ie killed off as many weeds as I could find. Not seen any slugs yet but . . .
Rescuing the suitcase from the newly insulated loft took a tad longer than anticipated but hey, thats all in the schedule! Next was to write a list of items to go in the suitcase! Sunday lunch was roast chicken with potatoes and parsnips. A treat but after all it was a ‘Bank Holiday’ Today will be chicken curry !
Not being here next weekend means I shall miss seeing Dr Who’s daughter, mother of Susan I must presume. [ The Doctors first companion for those in the know!]. I will also not see the culmination of our soccer league.
Have bought some Euro’s to spend. The rate per £ has increased 30% since I last went to Europe two years ago. It has taken 3 days to find my umbrella!! The long range forecast for France is nt too good. . . !!
This time next week I shall be in Tours, having spent Saturday night in Paris. From Tours it will be onwards through the Loire valley to Bordeaux. Sampling the local brews on the way! Following a day in Rocamador we travel on to Orange and Avignon via Carcassone. From there we are on the homeward leg – via Lyon and Paris.
Back at the castle in time to watch the European Cup Final, where in Moscow, [Russia], Manchester United will play Chelsea. Will we be CHAMPIONS then?

7 thoughts on “Vacances en France

  1. have a great trip….have fun! Laird
    by the way, thanks very much for sharing your past experience and your vision…..I hope this kind of honest exchange of thoughts, ideas, and life experiece will benefit all of us…

  2. Have a great tour old chap, and don\’t forget your camera.
    May I suggest while on your way to Bordeaux, you take a look at Cognac. It is a beautiful place, the home of the worlds best Brandy.
    I stayed their for a month one summer years ago, picking grapes.
    Bon voyage.

  3. Enjoy your trip to the fullest! I look forward to hearing from you when you return.
    Bon Voyage.

  4. Oh my … I\’m jealous of you. heheheh  I hope you have a good time.  And I do enjoy hearing what you are having for dinner.   We spent time in the yard today …. so much to do…. Oh well.. take care..

  5. I guess congratulations are in order, for M.U. retaining  the Premier League title.
    I told you they would win it. 

  6. 都是英文留言,我自然要另辟蹊径了。

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