1589, fruit of a fortunate coincidence


It is a legend where one tells that Pineau of Charentes is not only the fruit of the vine but also that of the chance.
In 1589, whereas Henri IV reached the throne of France, a Charente-native vine grower, during the grape harvest, inadvertently poured grape must in a barrel which contained Cognac brandy.

He stored it in the wine storehouse of the [seigneurial field?] 
A few years later, during a heavy crop, the invaluable barrel became necessary to him.
It had the surprise to discover there a marvellous beverage, limpid, sunny like the ground of Charentes.

Pineau of Charentes had been born

The continuation is business of patience and know-how…

and I never saw a single shop in Cognac selling any !!!!



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  1. Hello Laird,  Thank-you for your kind comments.  I have had so much on my plate that my time visiting people and places here in spaces has been pushed clear to the  back  of the table.  It\’s been good to stop in today and get a peek into you latest adventures and history lessons though.  Take care, Ron

  2. Hello Laird… hehehe… I am glad to report my stupid sore throat is finally getting a little better.  I did not think my lemon drink would cure it just help sooth it… but I think YOUR solution would have been a lot more helpful in taking away the pain. 
    Amelia will be going to the University this fall.  She just turned 17 years old so she is going to live at home and attend school, since it is so close.  That is one of the reasons we moved here is so they could be close to the University.  When she turns 18 then she will move out and start the real lessons of life………
    Yes, in June we have Father\’s Day also.  Sounds like you will have an enjoyable time with your family that day.  Take care

  3. Greetings from a stormy Cape Town. I have so enjoyed my little meander through your postings as well as the pics.
    Take careKate.x

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