STOP THE WORLD I . . . . . . .

I have been a little quiet this last few days. Most of the time getting used to wet and cold England after my holiday. I have also been concentrating on my latest project and attempting to update my FH records. No soccer to look forward to this summer – England failed to qualify for the European Finals. In fact there are no decent programmes on the television, except Dr Who and I am not too keen on that since Billie Piper was left in a parallel world. Then I take a look at the news bulletins and wonder what the hell is going on out there.

Teenagers have declared open season on one another, stabbings and shootings – anywhere anytime anyplace.

101 countries, including GREAT BRITAIN, have outlawed the manufacture, purchase and use of CLUSTER BOMBS,except USA, CHINA, RUSSIA AND ISRAEL.

While on holiday a hurricane hit Burma, its totalitarian,military dictatorship has turned away British, French and American ships carrying aid to the stricken and dying survivors.

Dozens of aftershocks are ripping through the earths crust following the Sichuan disaster. The aftermath could prove deadlier than the original earthquake.

And then I read: The Texas Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision which says 460 children removed from a  ranch run by a relious sect should be returned to their parents. "On the record before us, removal of the children was not warranted." The ruling shatters one of the largest child-custody cases in US history. State officials said the removals were necessary to end a cycle of sexual abuse at the ranch in which teenage girls were forced to marry and have sex with older men. The ranch is run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church teaches that polygamy brings glorification in heaven.

I have always fancied a little house in France, close to the boulongerie and cafe, having a game of boules with the locals. But maybe I should move to texas and open a hostel for older men and their teenage wives. Anyone fancy running the creche?



4 thoughts on “STOP THE WORLD I . . . . . . .

  1. somehow I just can\’t imagine you in a ten gallon hat, but a beret would suit me thinks.
    On a more serious note, I find it impossible to understand the decision of the supreme court, to send those children back into the clutches of those demented perverts.   Once again religion succeeds over common sense and plain decency.
    I concur, what the hell is going on  !!!

  2. With regard to the football…sorry if this offends Laird but I never understood this male obsession with balls!!!
    16 stabbings this year alone (16 too many I totally agree), however I am suprised at the media frenzy seeing as last years total figure was 36 and stabbings in general are reported to have actually DROPPED by 9%.
    As for Burma and Sichuan, my heart goes out to those poor people!!!
    Dirty Old Men and Religion… sadly and painfully familiar!!!
    God save us from Religion. The number one cause of hatred, repression and war!!!

  3. I must be getting extremely de-sensitised. The refusal of th u.s, israel, china and russia to cease the manufacture, purchase and use of cluster bombs does not surprise me in the least. Decency stops me from using the expletives that spring to mind!!!

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