Enough is enough


On 14th May 2008, Israel celebrated the 60th anniversary of its ‘declaration of independence’. Over the last month Radio and Television have covered this event, worldwide. What was presented to the world was that it was a commemoration of the legitimate and legal creation of a safe haven for Jews escaping from Europe. What you were not told about, is what actually happened in 1948 – a series of massacres, bombing of civilians, kidnaps and other terrorist atrocities that culminated in the ethnic cleansing of the land of over 750,000 Arab Palestinians and the destruction over 400 of their villages.

The United Nations had proposed a partition plan giving 55% of ancient Palestine for a Jewish state but the Zionists – who had targeted the whole of Palestine for the creation of a Jewish State long before the Nazi atrocities – took 78% of the land by terrorist tactics and military force. The civilized world regards these acts as war crimes but Zionists, then and now, see them as the wholly necessary and justified means for the creation of their Jewish State.

Those 750,000 refugees and their descendants – over seven million of them – still live today, dispossessed and destitute, in refugee camps throughout the region. Israel is in illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and is in violation of numerous UN resolutions. It is the longest and most brutal military occupation in history. International law continues to be persistently and grossly breached and fundamental human rights are infringed with impunity, especially in the Gaza strip. No other country [apart from Iraq] has flouted the United Nations’ authority so brazenly in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.  Israel’s own deeply racist society treats its Palestinian citizens with institutionalised discrimination. It is time the rest of the world said, enough is enough.


4 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. I completely agree.  What has happened in Palestine is a disgrace and the American Government\’s continued support of Israel is self-serving.   Politicians pander to the Jewish American voter by supporting Israel … just as they pander to the Hispanic American voter by supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.  
    The Palestians are entitled to live fruitful lives on THEIR lands.  Enough IS enough!!!

  2. I beg to differ with regard to Iraq. This mantra is defunct. If the u.s and Britain wanted to know what weapons the Iraquis owned they only had to look at the receipts.  Prior to 1991 Iraq had an enviable record with regards to education, infant mortality, welfare system etc. Yep, he gassed the Kurds. Unfortunately the West didn\’t give a fig about that incident until it suited their purpose. Turkey is still persecuting the Kurds. Do we bomb Turkey now..not at all? We invite them to join the EU.
    Different bucket…Same s**t!!!
    With regard to Israel, the irony of that debacle is not lost on me either. By the way…I am not an Anti-Semite. I am not prejudiced aainst any language!!! Hang on, thats a little white lie, I do find the Welsh accent a bit grating. 😉

  3. i can see you are a staunch supporter for the Palestine, which i think you are morally correct. i hope you would give Chinese people more support for their pursuing of their legitimate right in their own land.

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