Bright eyes! ye fatal ones, 
    Turn ye away;
Have ye not slain enow 
    Before to-day?
He of the pallid brow, 
    So much admired; 
He with the gowden hair, 
    Saw and expir’d!
He of the gentle mien; 
    One free and bold; 
Twain in their downy youth,
    Twain grey and old:
Still you another would 
    Take for your prize; 
Turn away, lady, those
    Fatal bright eyes! 
Sweet lips! ye tempting ones, 
    What would you say? 
Have ye not spoken guile 
    Oft ere to-day?
Have ye not whisper’d love, 
    Meaning bright gold? 
Suffer’d delusive hope, 
    Heart being cold?
Set forth your winning smiles 
    But to allure;
Wounded, and left the wound 
    Never to cure?
Still you another do
    Seek to decoy; 
Take, then, your victim,—
    I’ll Kiss you and die! 
SAMUEL BAMFORD  1788 – 1826

4 thoughts on “BRIGHT EYES.

  1. I would not have believe you to be such a romantic 🙂  Am off to Yorkshire today (West Ayton) and will be meeting up with one of my acquaintances and his wife while I am there!  So that should be fun – read all about it when I am back! lol  Have a good week and keep up the  writing of beatiful poems etc xx 

  2. I know I have said it before but I feel it is worth repeating….. I love the ambiance of the new page look. Very pleasing to the eye! As for that shot of the poppy…. just fabulous!
    Hugs from Cape Town

  3. Good album of your visit to York, enjoyed looking.   The Rocket…wonderful, living just  3 miles from Stockton I have fond memories of this great train.  And to think that it all began on my doorstep.
    The Mallard, well what can one say but , pure poetry in motion.

  4. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh… I very much like this poem.  I dont\’ get to read poems very much so it is enjoyable when I do find one to read and it is a good one…. very nice…

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