Hope springs eternal.


As I see it the problem is that man loves religion, it caters to his well being it bolsters the ego and develops mans self esteem. Religion is man trying to reach to God by his own deeds. All religions are the invention of man attempting to turn  their creator into their own image. Christianity would like you to believe its message but on reflection this is a codified list taken from other Middle Eastern philosophy’s.  It preaches peace yet makes war for men’s hearts or for the riches their lands possess. Other religions are no different. There can be no justification for religious bigotry whether we call them Inquisions or Jihad. Religion does not promote spirituality but hinders it. Religion is man climbing up the ladder of his own self-righteousness. Religion is what man does to obtain a seat at the top table. Religion is man-made. Man loves his religious ideas whilst ignoring the Spiritual world around him. No ancient sage will appear in a burning bush to warn mankind of the dangers of global warming and write the solution on a tablet of stone. Mother nature is screaming out in pain while the religious and political leaders attempt to create a failsafe solution for there own survival.  If at today’s  G8 summit in Japan,each nation cut its defence budgets by 20%, the rest of humanity might just survive.



2 thoughts on “Hope springs eternal.

  1. very impressive…powerful words indeed! especially this line: "Religion does not promote spirituality but hinders it" —–thought-provoking!
    however, i also believe religion is a meandering trail along which true spiritual individual hopes to find his internal peace…..

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