Safety First!

China has set up designated areas in three Beijing parks for demonstrations during the Olympics.The idea to have "protest pens" is in line with practice at past Games as the International Olympic Committee charter prohibits demonstrations or "political, religious or racial propaganda" at Olympic venues or sites.

"We have dedicated places for demonstrations at several parks," said Liu Shaowu, director of the security department at Beijing’s Olympics organising committee."Chinese law protects the legal right of people to hold lawful demonstrations and marches."

 Ranks of Chinese paramilitary police swore to prevent terrorist attacks or "political incidents" disrupting the Beijing Olympics in a show of force at the Games’ main stadium.The troops were told they must "resolutely prevent major incidents of violence and terrorism, resolutely prevent major political incidents affecting state security and social stability, and resolutely prevent large-scale mass incidents."[ A euphemism for riots, demonstrations and protests].

 The People’s Armed Police is a key force China has deployed to maintain control during the next month’s Games, were reminded that the country’s Communist Party leaders regard security threats as a paramount concern. Commander Yu Linxiang told 100,000  troops to "fight well in the offensive battle for Olympic security",

I think I will stay home and wait for the start of the Premiership!


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  1. I think I will stay home and wait for the start of the Premiership!
    ———————————————-very much a wise decision! well, have you ever tried to count how many "resolutely" they used here? sick! this regime!

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