Another day to go before those games begin. I hope from a sporting angle that they are a success and that we ie Britain,and here I include the autonomous region of Scotland in this comment, bring home as many medals as we deserve. But of course let us not forget that it is the taking part that is more important than the winning. The liberal regimes here have indoctrinated our young into that belief to such an extent that I am surprised we have any athletes in China. The tory’s sold off all the school playing fields  to prevent the young from participating in cricket, soccer ,tennis, netball, rugby and lacrosse. Over protective parents leave there children in bedrooms sanitised, so they think, from the real world. How good to see the rebels out there waving the union flag and competing with pride.

4 thoughts on “GO GB GO

  1. I am probably one of the rare people who didn\’t even realise those sporting games were due to begin 🙂 You are right in what you say about the laclkof sport, or any activity in the children of today-erm in some of the adults too..
    Thanks for dropping in & your kind words. I guess everyday is a story in its self, and therefore as long as we live, the story is never finished.

  2. Hear hear!!  I shall be watching the opening ceremony on my television and like you wish them all successes but like you feel sad about all the losses and over protection of our potential athletes – personallly I never take part unless I am committed to winning as otherwise there is no point to it!  You may as well have a whole class run instead of picking out the top so called best!  Oh well \’if I ruled the World\’ (sounds like a good title for a song)  lol

  3. so, what have been indoctrinated into the minds of your young that they believe British ahtletes won\’t show up in Beijing? lol…………
    i guess you are for the labor, and fortunately your pals are in power now. for me, there is no choice…..so, i\’m still happy for you, although you might not be that up-beat with the autonomous region of Scotland. lol………
    by the way, Scotland has been remaining part of GB for more than 700 years?

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