Prepare for your future, don’t live in the past.
Savour your good memories,
and use any bad ones as lessons in life.
You need to focus on your future not on your past.

Carve out a niche for yourself in your imagined future.
Think, feel and see yourself as successful.
To achieve any goal in life,
you need to project your end result.

Think of the elation, the satisfaction,
the joy you’ll feel when you reach your goal.
Carry these ecstatic feelings with you every day
and they’ll bring your desired goals into view.

Sooner or later, you can win, if you think you can.
The cards you are dealt in life
are less important than the way you play them.
Every day you’re offered a new deal and new cards.

Success is out there for you.
Don’t wait for it to come to you, go out and find it.


max steingart


5 thoughts on “DO NOT LIVE IN THE PAST

  1. Such wisdom but rarely adhered to – still that is what we are here for, to guide our youngsters  and just hope they listen!  🙂   Have a great weekend xx

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