Four items from the recent news have caught my eye each in its own way a statistic. There are of course lies, damn lies and statistics but lurking deep down is a grain of true – hence we remember "Old Wives Tales" in our so called caring society.


 Happy People.

People were asked about their sense of wellbeing, the researchers were able to draw up a map of happiness down to district level across England, Scotland and Wales. the team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester stress that happiness is more a product of personal circumstances than physical location.

 The most sparsely populated county in Wales is where you will find Britain’s happiest place, say researchers. Powys tops the list of 273 districts, with Edinburgh apparently the most miserable place in Britain. Eight of the top 10 districts with the highest levels of wellbeing are in northern Britain.

 After adding in factors such as employment, health and educational qualifications, the team found that Brecknock, in Powys was the happiest place. Manchester came second, Macclesfield a commuter drive from Manchester, was 5thSource: British Household Panel Survey



Statistics tell us that we in Britain are an ageing society – there are more old folk than young ones. Want to live to 100? Then emigrate to southern Europe where the "Mediterranean Diet" assists in longevity.

On the list of countries in the world ranked by average lifespan, Statistics show that: France;11th, Italy;16th, Greece;24th and Spain; 19th,are in the top 25; the U.K.ranks 37th, the USA;45th,Hong Kong;6th,and China;103rd. Ranking a set of data is one tool used by the political "spinners" of politics and the media. The facts show that the actual average age varies by 7 years between France and China. 80years compared to 73years.Which is more than double that of our medieval forebears.

  Apparently a Mediterranean diet is rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish and whole grains with few processed, packaged or refined foods. Research shows it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease more effectively than other diets, including low-fat diets.

Wannabe centenarians should: Stay connected with current events thus keeping the brain working and increasing a sense of purpose. Yet another survey [!] shows that drinking certain beverages—especially tea (more than four cups a day of green, black or oolong) helps longevity. Tea drinkers have lower rates of death from cardiovascular disease and other causes. Moderate wine intake (up to 5 ounces a day for women, up to 10 ounces a day for men) also has been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Coffee is another potential “health drink,” with studies showing that moderate coffee intake is helpful in preventing diabetes, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, cirrhosis, kidney stones and even heart disease.


The next statistic which has caught my eye is that it is 40 years ago,[1968], since USSR and eastern bloc allies marched into Prague and crushed a "rebellion". Those of you out there who refused to accept that history repeats itself should ask the citizens of Georgia. You should also ask where are the anti Russian protestors. When your energy prices soar in the winter it will be too late to see that Georgia is a more economic and political cause to fight for than tibet!

Finally. . .

Green green shoots !

Chinese central government departments misused or mismanaged more than 46 billion yuan (£3.7 billion ) last year, including using disaster relief money to build government offices and diverting funds to speculate in stocks, the National Audit Office said on Thursday.An audit of 53 central government departments and their subsidiary units found the misuse or embezzlement of 4.52 billion yuan in 2007, down from 7 billion yuan the year before, the audit office said in a statement on its website. In government spending, the auditor found "managerial irregularities" in the use of another 41.7 billion yuan, including illegal loans and the misappropriation of billions of yuan from public housing funds.It said 192 people had been prosecuted or handed administrative punishments and another 14 detained.

The most remarkable fact about this statistic is that it has been published.


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  2. Damn lies indeed! especially the one about the Chinese government! way, way too low….its waste of tax-payers\’ money is in the trillions (or millions of a million)!

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