Gone are the days when you were told
life isn’t what your eyes behold
the new world has new demands
money and status is what everyone asks
it dont matter what the books say
and no matter what the elders tell
without money life is not life, but hell
bank balance is the new id
status assures a high society
cash is what people long to see
account holders is what all throng to be
who cares to earn respect
and who needs a clean soul
when money has the power
to buy them all
with money you can tell the world
what it is and what its not
money is the power
money is god
there is just one thing that suits the eye
for which people will kill, people will die
for money they worship Thor
for money countries go to war
for money they kill their brothers
for money they hurt their mothers
for money they will laugh
for money they will slaughter
for money they will cry
for money they will sell their daughter
this new world can’t be changed
no matter what
money is, money was
and money shall remain to be god
all that you can do is just hold on
and watch as the show goes on

Khizr Atiq