The winter’s comin’ on, mi lass,
    The north wind’s blowin’ cowd;
I’m sure we’ve cooarted long enough,
    It’s time eawr tale were towd.
The brids ‘at sung i’ yonder tree
    Are flown across the brine,
An’ I’ve a cheery hooam for thee,
    Wheer Love’s breet sun can shine.

Tha doesno’ want to ged mo lost
    Among yon moorland snow;
Thi laugh belies tha when tha says
    I needn’d come at o.
When t’ weather’s wild, we corn’d ged eawt
    A-walkin’ hafe an heawr,
There’s allus some’at rough abeawt—
    A snowstorm or a ‘ sheawr.

An’ when I come an’ stop i’ th’ heawse,
    Yo’r lads mek sich a din
That if I’ve bod two words to say,
    I connod ged ’em in.
Thi fayther will talk politics,
    An’ likes a reawnd wi’ me—
He thinks I come a-campin’ him
    An’ nod a-cooartin’ thee.

An’ when there’s nobry else i’ th’ place,
    Yo’r Molly ceawrs i’ th’ nook,
As quate an’ wakken as a meawse,
    Wi’ th’ papper, or a book;
Hoo reads a deeal, an’ one would think
    Her common sense would tell
‘At cooarters sometimes like an heawr
    To whisper bi’ theirsel’.

Thi fayther thinks when fooak geds wed
    They should hev lots o’ brass—
A mon should hev his fortune med
    Afooar he claims his lass.
Aye, well! I’m wo’th a field or two,
    A bonny cot an’ o;
An’ when there’s steady hands at th’ plough
    Sich things are sure to grow.

The sweetest charm of wedded life
    Is nod i’ fortunes grand;
It’s only known to th’ mon an’ wife
    ‘At’s strivin’ hand-in-hand.
The lark ‘at builds id’ own wee nest
    Is merry wi’ id’ mate,
While mony a soul can find no rest
    Inside a palace gate.

An’ neaw I’ve welly done, mi lass,
    Mi stooary’s getten towd;
An’ winter’s comin’ on, mi lass,
    An’ t’ north wind’s blowin’ cowd.
Come, show thi bonny een to me,
    Clasp thy two hands i’ mine,
An’ say tha’ll claim wod waits for thee,
    An’ mek yon sweet cot thine.



Lancashire Dialect …. George Hull


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