The anonymous Windows Live people  strike again – like a midnight commando raid they infiltrate into the very heart of my computer, ripping out all the well known and automatic keystrokes. They leave as stealthily as they arrived – leaving behind chaos and frustration. I cannot access parts of my own space – in common with, I must assume, many thousands of people. I need my password to access my own photos?? How irritating! Which password is that ?? The one I invented last year or 2 years ago or maybe the 3 year old one??  I thought the internet gave me access to the world. In 3 short years msn have restricted my access to a dozen buddies who, so msn informs me are ‘friends’. Who said I want, indeed need,to know what my friend A is saying to their friend C? To read friend C’s blog it appears they must give me permission and accept me as a friend. It may have escaped the notice of the thought police that there were two types of blogger – those who collect  ‘friends’, as one would train numbers or stamps and those who prefer to retain a small nucleus of friends who share common values and visit each other on a regular basis.The database of my ‘friends’ names has also changed – the programme is sending requests to two email addresses – without any instruction from me! Names of 2 contacts have disappeared. Are they on a msn blacklist ???????? Like the rest of my readers, well, the 11 of you, I will over the next weeks and months struggle to master the unasked for and unnecessary changes.

FROM THOSE WHO KNOW : Subject: RE: msn The Windows Live Spaces site had reached a plateau in terms of users and people weren’t finding it interesting anymore.  So they had to do something to keep their jobs, not to get a bonus…[MY RATHER RUDE COMMENT!]…Here’s some background on the changes, which includes better integration with Messenger and Hotmail, and even allows you to pull your other activities/notifications into once place if you use things like Twitter or Flickr etc. All the photo stuff you see in Facebook is also available now i.e. the ability to tag photos with people etc.

It has started to snow and the Gas Engineer will soon be here to fix my heating system. . . au revoir


5 thoughts on “ATTACK, ATTACK ATTACK ! ! !

  1. Join the club we are all out here struggleing. The security issues are the worst. Peoples last names poping up when they shouldn\’t. I had gone 24 hours without mine showing and thought I was safe then about 20minutes ago there it was just as plain as day for the world to see. I didn\’t ask any one before how they got rid of it as it hadn\’t happened to me. So as with all things on spaces I had to figure it out all by my lonesome. Hope you get your heating going alright. We only have wood heat and have plenty of firewood.

  2. good Morning Laird…….yes lots of changes, I too lost some of my contacts and inherited a strange bunch of others. Weird!Keep warm

  3. Hanging around freezing here, not a lot of snow. exaggerated forecast again. my living room temp. is 75 degrees and rising.I quite like the updates. you can decide who can see what. Not that I have anything to well old chap.

  4. Plus, if I publish a comment that I later regret, then I can deleat it. now that is a great help for me. lol

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