Brass Monkey Weather

It has been a cold and frosty day here in the castle – the gas engineer who came on Thursday to complete the annual maintenance decided The system thermastat was not functioning correctly so a different engineer will replace it tomorrow, Monday. I went to teh supermarket instead of my normal Monday trip. Bought a few vegetables, some neck of lamb for this week’s casserole and some coffee, a 2 for 1 offer was on! I see that I have 4 pork chops and 6 pork sausages in my freezer with the poisoning of irish pigs and being uncertain as to where the pork is sourced maybe I should throw it away ?
It never ceases to amaze me as to why farmers feed livestock with poisonous substances, dioxin in eire, melamine in China. Of course it is nt only the animals that are fed unnatural products, vegetables are sprayed with arsenic to kill potato and carrot tops, is it any wonder bird’s and bee’s are disappearing from the countryside?
Looks like another frost is clamping its icy fingers over my garden and there is a distinctive chill in the air – so its to the kitchen for me and a warm mug of Horlicks before I retire for the night. . . .!

One thought on “Brass Monkey Weather

  1. Oh that is not good about the thermostat. I hope it is fixed pretty soon. I can\’t believe how warm of weather we are having here this late in the year. We get snow and it is only skiff and then it is gone. You only need a sweater outside… crazy.. but I\’m loving it too. It is homemade soup and bread time for me. hehehe.. Hope you enjoy your week.

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