Brueghel’s Winter


 Jagg’d mountain peaks and skies ice-green
Wall in the wild, cold scene below.
Churches, farms, bare copse, the sea
In freezing quiet of winter show;
Where ink-black shapes on fields in flood
Curling, skating, and sliding go.
To left, a gabled tavern; a blaze;
Peasants; a watching child; and lo,
Muffled, mute–beneath naked trees
In sharp perspective set a-row–
Trudge huntsmen, sinister spears aslant,
Dogs snuffling behind them in the snow;
And arrowlike, lean, athwart the air
Swoops into space a crow.
But flame, nor ice, nor piercing rock,
Nor silence, as of a frozen sea,
Nor that slant inward infinite line
Of signboard, bird, and hill, and tree,
Give more than subtle hint of him
Who squandered here life’s mystery.

Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)




One thought on “Brueghel’s Winter

  1. Wow… that ALMOST makes me think I like winter… hehehhe… it is a lovely scene. If I could just take a pill to keep me warm, I\’m sure I would enjoy the winter festivities a lot more. Hey… I love your background here….. fits you I think. Yes… I guess this is where American fat cats live… hehehe… Hope all is going well there. I can\’t seem to get the heat warm enough in my own house today… but at least I don\’t have to go out in the cold. Having scones today… Take care…

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