the moon dancers 


This poem is a legacy written on an ancient scroll that only the wolf can understand for the words are in wolf tongue. Only those who’s heart beats with the wolf heart and the soul has to be pure silver clear as the wolf, to truly understand the meaning.

the feeling

the wisdom

the light

the steps to complete the dance

that will bring out the inner wolf in everyone

the stars that shine

the moon that glimmers with a life giving silver light
in the darkest part of the pitch black sky
where the moon gives the light to those who complete the
sacred dance

to release the inner wolf and bare your heart and soul to the

play the melody of the sacred song written by the ancestors

step the steps of the formation of the sacred wolf

the moon will watch the dance and if completed the ones who
finish the dance correctly will release the inner wolf and the
break the sacred silver seal known as the lunar seal of time
that blocks the inner wolf from rising from the eternal flame of

play the sacred melody now

the circle of the dark forest leared by a soft yet dark mist that
will only disappear when the dance is completed

the winds of time whistles a soft tune as it passes the dance

then the white drums start soft and slow the pace of the wolf’s

then faster and faster

louder and louder

pounding like thunder the feeling so intense

then softens slower and slower

the drums stop

the silver flute with it’s beautiful and soothing sound as it hits
your sense of hearing

faster the flute plays

then the drums start with the beating of the wolf’s heart

faster and faster they play

in the forest of eternal darkness the descendants of the moon

glaring with the blood red eyes as they watch the performance

lub-dub as the beat of the drums play harder and faster

the flute, it’s silver tone of the light and of the night the wolf
is born

glaring still as the descendents of the moon pour there soul
into and onto the dance floor of gaia and the moon

the creator of this world

the creator of all life and everything

the drums still playing the beat

to each beat of the drums the moon gets brighter
and brighter

silver dust falls from the moon
onto the dance floor lighting up the surface with a silver glow
that can be seen from all over the sphere of life
and from space and time

one of the descendents of the moon jumps on to the floor where
the sacred dance is being performed

silver glow gets brighter and brighter

the wolf sits down the silver glow forms like a rose as the silver
petals close around the wolf that is a pure mystery and beauty

the drum harder then one simple yet loud beat shatters the
silver rose petals into silver dust

the wolf that was once there is now human with jet black hair
and a silver violin

he takes the violin and play across the strings with a siring
flaming sound

the three instruments play together as one like all the wolves
hearts beat as one

the howling of the wolves that sits and watches as the sound rises over the
trees through the winds of time all across the sphere of life

the beautiful howl could be heard

more wolves gather to witness the birth of the new world and
the new life that is now going to be the wolf

a silver ray of light burns the sacred symbol of the moon onto
the dance floor that hits the outer circle

the part that wasn’t burnt shatters it’s silver glow

the inner circle lights up and from the ground rises another but
bigger silver rose that has the sacred symbol of the moon
imbedded on the front in shimmering gold

the symbol lights up then the silver rose ignites with a silver

the rose shatters spreading the silver shards across the world

in the rose stood a human with silver eyes that glows in the
darkest part of the eternal darkness

his hair silver as the reflection of the full moon on the dark cold

his coat long and white with the sacred symbol of the moon in
shimmering gold

his pants white with silver chains rapped around the legs that
cross over to the back

his belt buckle a silver wolf head with light blue topaz for the

his white under coat has two lunar symbols one on each the
left side and the right side that lights up solid gold

his necklace with the wolf head emblem with the same topaz
eyes just like the belt buckle

the eyes glow

he takes off his necklace and throws it high up to the moon

a ray of light shines off the necklace

a silver sphere forms around the necklace

the drums and the other instruments handed down as the lunar
interments play together then hard for a sec

the silver sphere shatters and in the silver sphere is the
final instrument of the four

the silver electric guitar with the light blue strings and it’s
double head

the back of the guitar shaped like the wolf’s head

the guitar falls into the hands of the silver one

he grabs his pick the other instruments stop

he smashes down hard across the strings giving and electric
silver tone the final addition to the moondance

his finger play the sacred notes of the melody

the other instruments join in

the circle where the dance is being performed a silver flame
forms on the outer rim of the farthest circle

the silver flame fallows the burn and completes the symbol

the moon shines it’s full light onto the area engulfing everyone

the light suddenly fades but the people still glow

the form of the people change then they fall to the ground as if
they had four legs

the silver glow that covers them shatters and inside the light
was now the birth of the sacred creature

the wolf and all it’s beauty and mystery

was born

the sacred melody of the moon was completed the ones who
participated are now the descendents of the moon

the creature we know today as the wolf and always will be

this beautiful and sacred dance is known as

the moondance.

Shane Labossiere


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  1. I enjoyed that. But somehow, visualy, the "silver electric guitar" just didn\’t seem to lend itself to the dance.

  2. wow….moondance! how romantic it is! unfortunately, i\’m not familiar with this song though…by the way, Harold, can you still visit my blog now? It seems something happened to my blog….blocked by the government?????? could you check it for me? thanks!

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