Is it me or . . . . . . . . .

 As an honest citizen of this Sceptred Isle I feel duty bound to blow the whistle on the establishment and  pass on a piece of top secret information:
The British Government’s ministry for PC & B ( Political Correctness and Bullshit) has urged Britain’s most famous chocolate maker to warn  chocolate lovers that Britain’s most famous  chocolate contains – MILK
The latest Cadbury Dairy Milk wrappers feature a logo showing a glass and a half of milk being poured into a chocolate chunk, put milk first in a list of ingredients and explains that there is "The equivalent of three quarters of a pint of milk of fresh liquid milk in every half pound of milk chocolate".
It is also necessary to print warnings in capital letters in yellow boxes saying "CONTAINS: MILK" in case people who are allergic to milk do not realise that there is milk in Cadbury Dairy Milk bars.
I shall be writing to Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s urging them to comply with this directive – The cheese counters at these establishments are not displaying the sign: "CONTAINS: MILK"
So be warned. The truth about chocolate manufacture can be found here :

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  1. oh…holy cow! it contains MILK in a milkshake! lol…..but no laugh, coz my blog no longer accessible in mainland China. url being blocked? PC&B\’s good! especially the type of bullshit you mentioned here.

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