Have you noticed how quiet it is on msn these days? Is it my imagination? Since mid december no ‘guest’ has visited the castle to agree or take issue with my blogs contents. Indeed many friends do not make the journey. Fact is many contacts of many years standing were wiped from the castles memory banks. The world web has been reduced to the four walls of this room. We have been reduced to the same status as battery hens, no more having the ability to range free over the waves of the internet. 10 years ago I could speak to folk in most countries of the world: In Europe, middle east, north and central america asia and australasia. Indeed many a sleepless night was made bearable. I learnt from a lady translator in Iran the problems of women in a Muslim society, before it became an issue on the front pages of the world’s press. I began to understand the frustration of lower classes [ ie Ethnic minorities] in the classless society of the land of the free. I learnt the web and group shorthand and also the etiquette of conducting conversations. Yes I spoke to a fair number of eccentrics with views of life and people, that I did not share. As with a poor tv programme you soon learnt to ban them from your screen! ‘Off’ and ‘delete’ still work folks!!! I did however meet a small number of people whom I was happy to call ‘Friends’. Then under the guise of irradicating child abuse from the airwaves [a move which judging from a recent case here in Britain, has not worked]  all access to msn chatrooms was ended in Britain – we were cast adrift. In fact non internet child abuse cases continue to hit the headlines here with sickening regularity.
Was that ban the first signs of censorship of msn and indeed the WWW, by the Bush administration? Next month all groups will be removed from msn. It has taken 8 years to stifle the free exchange of views between the peoples of the world. Another step to creating misunderstanding and predjudice I maintain  it was this fear on which the cold war with communism fed. I am not sure why I am blogging this because since december , no stranger will see it published and take issue with me.   I may as well switch off msn and revert to talking to the four walls that surround me here in the castle.
In contravention of the UN charter freedom of speech has been taken away from the citizens of the worldinternet  . . . . . .but there is noone out there to hear. . . . . there is noone who cares . . .

4 thoughts on “SILENCED !

  1. perhaps you have frightened them off with your rapier like whit, or your no nonsense approach to nonsense.Man u. 2 spurs 0 we have some welcome sunshine here.

  2. there is noone who cares????????????????????? I think a lot of us care…………………….

  3. For my lack of absence it has been less time spent on the internet and as I try and visit all my friends it may sometimes take awhile to get around to them. I had no idea about the changes to Britians accesss to to MSN chat rooms. I myself have no time for any comuncation to my cyber friends except for my visits I make to their site and an occasionaly private message or note. My days are so full. I wish I had more time to visit some of my space friends blogs more regularly as I am an imformation junky and do love learning about new things or different views.

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