Simple as a,b,c?


"England still has an unacceptably high number of people who cannot read, write and count adequately"



 Should we be surprised when more than 300 primary schools in England have a large majority of children whose first language is not English, it has been revealed. the all-party parliamentary group on balanced migration, said that the official figures made "a nonsense" of the Government’s efforts to integrate migrants into British society. The local education authority with the most primaries where English is not the mother-tongue of 70% or more pupils was Birmingham, with 60 schools, followed by Tower Hamlets in east London (43) and Bradford (40).Others with high numbers of schools in the category included Newham (31), Leicester and Kirklees (both 21), Ealing (18), Brent and Oldham (both 17), Blackburn & Darwen (15), Lancashire (13) Luton (11) and Rochdale (9).



A growing violent gang culture with particular crime types, in particular areas, is reflected in England and Wales last year where robberies using knives leapt by 18 %, from 3,951 to 4,207. Attempted murders involving knives were up 8 % in the same period. Fatal stabbings rose 10 percent, while fraud and forgery were up by 16 % and drug offences by 9 %.

 ? How can children be expected to integrate into our society if they are being taught in schools where English is the mother-tongue of a minority of pupils?



5 thoughts on “Simple as a,b,c?

  1. Yes I think there needs to be a common thread of language and how can they possible become a part of society without learning to read….

  2. I am inclined to agree with Kenneth – it is indeed infiltration! It is a national disgrace that our native language has become a minority language in our native land and something should be done about it – if this carries on we wil be unable to make ourselves understand as the powers that be will not be able to speak English at all!! When is England going to wake up and take some action and make themselves heard?? I pray it will not be too long or we will be a lost nation.

  3. Hello Laird, I thank you for keeping in touch with me. Not sure if you were able to read my blog and my explanation of why I have not been on my space for so long… but it is there if you wish to read. Anyway… I hope all is well for you. This blog is interesting because we have similar issues here in America. Some people here expect us to change our language to fit the people who come here….. hmmmmmmmm I think NOT!!! I do admire those who take the time to learn our language though. I didn\’t realize this was a problem in England as well.

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