Buddy Holly died 50 years ago.  


Fifty years ago on February 3rd is the day music died, according to Don McLean at least – the day when Buddy Holly was killed in an aeroplane crash at the peak of his talents and passed into rock ‘n’ roll history.

In the half-century since, as well as inspiring McLean, Holly has been recognised as one of popular music’s great pioneers, his influence felt by everyone from Bob Dylan to the Beatles.For one woman in particular, though, he’s remained especially close. Peggy Sue Gerron, a lady of 68, is an unlikely piece of walking rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. But in 1957, she was the girlfriend of Holly’s best pal, Jerry Allison, and so became the inspiration for the singer’s jiving classic.

Holly fans will know Ms Gerron’s name appears in not one, but two, song titles by their idol – the other being, Peggy Sue Got Married. Striking a more melancholy note than its predecessor, it was recorded by Holly on a home tape recorder in 1958 and only heard after Holly’s death.


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3 thoughts on “BUDDY HOLLY

  1. I remember the day very well when I heard he had died and I was saddened by this – I was a teenager at the time and danced to his music quite a lot. Interesting story on Peggy Sue – had not heard that before so enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing this and educating at least me! lol x

  2. I always loved his music and dancing with it. Still do. We have Sirus Radio and have been listening to his songs all day long. That man had amazing energy.. Interesting the songs about Peggy Sue.

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