Barack Hussein Obama II

My regular visitors will be expecting a poem – it is after all saturday but I am spitting feathers having heard clone 44 telling a nato [Europe] conference that we [Europe] should not expect America to fight in Afghanistan on its own. WHY THE HELL NOT ? 
History tells me, if not Obama, that 20 years ago the Russians occupied that country in an attempt to suppress the terrorists who were threatening its southern borders. The very same folk who today kill European,Canadian and American troops and attack civilians in India and Pakistan.The American government aka CIA payrolled the leading terrorist aka osama bin ladin and his rebel army. When the russian state fragmented and withdrew from Afghanistan the taliban filled the political vacuum. The American Empire, like the Mogals, the British and Russians before them invaded Afghanistan. They are now embroiled in a vietnam type campaign.
We have repaid our financial debts from WW11 we owe america absolutely nothing. Imitation is the worse form of flattery and I maintain we should stop pretending to be the 51st state of the Union and act with independant responsibility. We are Europeans and should start acting the part. Why should we fight in that mountainous country when america’s allies in Saudia Arabia and Isreal continue to ferment hatred against the ‘Infidels’ in the middle east ????????? The american president needs to realise he cannot win peace with a foot in both camps. To quote his predecessor, and I never thought I would, "You are either with us or against us."



4 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama II

  1. This is mere common sense "You are either with us or against us !" The English rightly say "Common sense is not so common to every one", not even to the POTUS (President Of The United States).

  2. America shall have to grow another foot soon. eg: North Korea. perhaps.I shall not mention football at this visit, it is a sore point.Be well Harold.

  3. Clone 44? hahaha……then, who\’s the sponsor behind the cloning operation? the eastern liberal establishment? or the oil cartel? State No.51? I believe they\’ve got enough trouble, don\’t expect an extra one…

  4. I\’ve said it before and I say it again… Bush/Obama/Blair/Brown….same sh*t, different buckets!!!

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