Dr. John Carlo – from the mouths of . . . .


 This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory. . .  


World Health Organisation and US officials were reportedly debating whether to change the common name for the virus from "swine flu" to another name, possibly "North American flu" to dissociate it from perceptions it was spread through contact with animals and animal products. The World Health Organisation says there is "zero evidence" that people are getting infected with the virus from exposure to pig meat or pigs. However, many countries say they are stepping up checks on pork imports from the region. Russia and several Asian countries have banned meat imports from Mexico as well as from several US states and Central American countries.

It is a hybrid bug. It is a combination of swine flu, bird flu, and another virus never seen before. It is able to jump from animal to human easily and kill otherwise healthy humans. It is interesting to note that the virus is breaking out in late April, which is not the ‘usual’ influenza ‘season’.Swine flu concern is spreading throughout the world  after it was confirmed that human to human transmission is occurring and that the virus is a brand new strain which is seemingly affecting young, healthy people the worst.


Questions about the source of the outbreak are also being asked after a public health official said that the virus was “cultured in a laboratory”.

“This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified,” said Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director .


It has been a difficult decision to cancel my holiday of a lifetime – but being in the same airport and possibly in the same hotel as people returning by emergency flights from mexico was a daunting prospect.Carrying the virus or taking ill in a foreign country is  a risk this pensioner is not prepared to take. Many people will be counting the human cost of this infection, at the present I am merely looking at my depleted bank balance and the deep disappointment that not going will cause.

All that planning and for what?






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  1. This swine flu is all pork pie in the sky. Like bird flu, it shall run it\’s course, kill a few hundred people around the world. Then disappear as a worthy item of news. Media hype and scaremongering has blown this outbreak all out of proportion.True there are measures we must take in order to appear that we are protecting the population. But to suggest a possible pandemic at this stage is sensationalism. Designed to lure our thoughts away from the true catastrophe that has already befallenmankind….."GREED". To many unfettered parasites with their snouts in the trough.Pigs will fly before they stop me from flying anywhere I choose, or forgoing my daily B.L.T. sandwich.good luck tonight…Man. U. 3 Arsenal 2

  2. hehehe… SWINE FLU SUCKS…!!!!The scariest thing is the new virus you talked about. swine flu, bird flu, and another virus altogether? wow…

  3. I think governments tend to forget you\’ve got more chance of dying of AIDS than of all those flus. They don\’t make such a fuss about people propagind this virus. I don\’t get their priorities.

  4. I just came back from living within 1 hour of th border. Also my husband and I went to Dentists in Mexico. This was before the outbreak. I think I may have not gone to a Dentist there. But when it comes to virus. If you have a good immune system you are likely to pick it up. While my husband was going to the Dentist, I was pumping him full of vitamines and immunity boosters. He had major work done that had his immune system been down, he could have ended up with major infection. Well I still have my fingers cross.

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