Another example of the crazy,  politically correct world of Britain . . . .


A police officer refused to pose on a bike at a charity photo shoot because he had not passed his cycling proficiency test and the stationery bicycle was not insured.  The officer,told photographers that he would not be able to climb on the mountain bike in Preston,Lancashire.

Charity, Prime Focus, had raised money to buy bikes from Halfords, [ one of the largest non-food retailers in this country], for police community support officers. Nigel Morrall, manager of Halfords, said: "The photo shoot had been arranged to publicise the fact the the charity had managed to raise the cash to provide more bikes for police community support officers. "They wanted more on the streets because they do a good job. The charity contacted our store and we were happy to oblige.”

A force spokeswoman said: "Our officers are required to be appropriately trained and assessed prior to using bikes for patrolling in order to comply with insurance and for the safety of themselves and the public."

 For **** sake all he had to do was sit on it!!




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