Five police officers, who have not been named, were seasoned veterans but acted in what was called a "shameful" manner. One officer on foot was hurt when a van swerved through traffic; it then overturned on a ramp, throwing the driver from the vehicle, he lay motionless as officers ran towards him. A video shows officers punching, kicking and hitting the driver with a truncheon. Hospitalised after the chase he did not realise he had been beaten up until viewing the tape. He pleaded guilty to assault and driving charges for which he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The five police officers have been sacked.

Two traffic police officers and three traffic assistants were involved in beating a 19-year-old male cyclist after he failed to stop at a red light. Around 200 protesters then moved to surround government buildings and overturned a police car before around 100 backup police arrived, ten police officers and government officials were injured as the crowd threw bricks at them. Later an official statement said the traffic assistants would be dismissed; no mention was made as to how the police officers would be dealt with.