Headless chickens and utter twaddle!


 It’ll take more than an expenses scandal for MPs to decide to ruin this country’s constitution. How will these reforms reduce corruption ? If anything, with the extension of elections to other fields, and the likelihood of cross-party collusion in regular hung parliaments, corruption would increase! A written constitution would be pointless, too. Whilst on reflection I may complain that Party whips have too much control over MPs’ voting habits, I can see that disciplined voting increases accountability of the parties. It really is not good enough to decry the current system without looking at the impact of the reforms many, in hindsight, are proposing. Most will worsen the political environment we live in.

One cry from the bandwagon of hysteria says it is wrong that the present Labour government was elected with less than a quarter of the vote. Ok maybe – but so were Major and Thatcher- recent critics were strangely silent then! Compulsory voting for the electorate would eliminate that problem overnight.

Is Proportional representation – a panacea? The dumbest idea ever! Such practices, epecially in a multi-party system simply leads to a destabilised  government and chaos – ask the Belgiums!

Have a written Constitution?  A Federalist democratic constitution the same as in France or Germany?  Have nt Britain’s twin pillars of Parliamentary Supremacy and the Rule of law carried us through feast and famine, war and peace for 1000 years? Change for changes sake Is simply counter productive and would allow those who adhere to the politically correct, globalisation, to take complete control. [If they have nt already!]. A simple reform would be to turn Parliament into the English Parliament to deal with English matters alongside the Welsh and Scottish institutions with an elected House of Lords to deal with Britains national interests in defence, foreign policy ect.

Some say we can’t afford the EU, a massive public sector, loads more red tape that adds further viscosity to the economy. Get one thing straight –  it is the British civil service who create ‘add ons’ to Brussells edicts. Add ons which they or the establishment want on our statute books – hidden away – without too much difficulty. The reform of the European Union should be every MEP’s priority – have you seen any election literature for the forthcoming elections? I have nt !!

Those in positions of power won’t want to give up what they have and those who hope to get in will want all that power when they are in. It’s amazing when you watch the television comedy “Yes Prime Minister” although written  20 years ago,it could talking about now. Clean up the system ? Yes, but which one? The expenses system? It goes much deeper than the collective feeding frenzy with snouts in the trough. Why is it that MPs can also hold down token, well-paid, directorships or advisory roles as well as their "full time" jobs in Parliament? The whole system needs to be reformed. Introduce a new funding system for all political parties thus ending the vested interests of big business and trade unions over the tories and labour. Scrap the expense system and pay MP’s £175000 a year, as fulltime professionals – No second incomes. No expenses. No Quango’s. The latter would release a small band of civil servant who would do parliaments secretarial duties and stop unnecessary and counter-productive leaks to the media – who, as we have seen in the last 3 years, all have their own political agenda.

However, why is everybody more upset about the politicians misappropriating thousands, than with the bankers who have cost this country and Europe BILLIONS. Come on everyone, get some perspective, we the people are being manipulated. “New opinions often appear first as jokes and fancies, then as blasphemies and treason, then as questions open to discussion, and finally as established truths.”George Bernard Shaw.

Yes, the politicians deserve to be in the sin bin but don’t let this furore take attention away from the real story of the criminal bankers whose malfeasance will be affecting us, my children and my grandchildren long after any serving politician or civil servant has gone.