All systems fail (and Capitalism is no exception), because of the unaccountability of the offices of state, in whatever form they take. Through the centuries of history we can see the copious examples and evidence for this, yet we still bury our heads in the sand, and blindly ignore the stark obvious, and worse, convincing ourselves that policies and principles which have failed in the past and continue to fail are the answer to whatever ‘problem’ happens to be the concern of the moment. Capitalism and the ‘free market’ have singularly failed to address and resolve the issues of equality, and ensure that the majority of the inhabitants of this planet (that includes all living species) are faced with the prospect of suffering. However it is not the fault of economic,political or religious dogma, the fault lies with us the PEOPLE.

There are many who simply do not care about the conditions that anyone else has to put up with, even if their suffering is not of their making, and they are powerless to be able to do anything about it. As long as this state of affairs exists, there is little or no prospect of any change, as it is the wealthy and privileged that control each countries basic economic and political systems. Hence nearly all significant changes in society to improve the well-being of all have been made through conflict, in many cases bloody. There is no point ‘arguing’ with those who ‘control’, as most do not want to ‘share’ the wealth of the planet, and do not care about the lot of the common man, who is just a means to an end (theirs), and is seen as something that needs to be controlled so they can still continue to enjoy the wealth and privilege they are fortunate to have. They do not see everyone as being ‘equal’, far from it. They believe in their superiority, or do not think about it at all, which is easy to do in the safety of their wealth and privilege. 250 years ago, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, 98% of the wealth of Britain was owned by just 2% of the population. That proportion has not significantly changed!  Capitalism and Democracy merely allow them to dress the inequalities in the appearance of acceptability, but the moment anyone tries to introduce any reform which involves any re-distribution of wealth (which is the only way that there will ever be any kind of global equality), you just watch them fight!

Mankind is as far away from a state of universal equality as it has ever been. The divide between the haves and have not’s has never been wider, and continues to widen. The only issue is whether you care about it or not. If you do not, then any debate on the issue is dead in the water. If you do, then there is little prospect in trying to preach to the converted, as most of you are powerless to do anything about it, and ignorance at all levels ensures that little will be done about it. Whatever the solutions are, they lie in the attitudes of people, not the systems.

The recent economic policy of ‘quantitative easing’, creating money to repay our own debt, cannot possibly make this or any other country, more solvent, since it is removing the need to repay debt. Downgrading national debt is a shot across the bows of a government that has increased investment in the public sector in recent years – the latest move by the privateers to re establish their power over our national economic life following a time when the government has introduced a more “social” NOT socialist regime. It reinforces that massive transfer of value to the rich that the bank bailout represents, and reinforces the rules of the capitalist game that those who earn must work for their living, while those who own ,need not.

Karl Marx [Famous son of a factory owner] said, “The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships, the dominant material relationships grasped as ideas. The class overthrowing it can only in a revolution succeed by ridding itself of all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew.”

No revolution in the last 300 years has in fact founded a ‘new’ society with a social conscience – the victors have merely replaced the scoundrels they fought to replace.