Talking about Mads Gilbert not allowed into Gaza- thoughts from Norway..



Mads Gilbert not allowed into Gaza

Mads Gilbert lege Gaza

The Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert was known all over the world during the Israelian bombing of Gaza last winter. No journalists were allowed to go into Gaza, so Gilbert worked not only as a doctor, but also as a reporter. Many of us remember his report “We’re walking in blood…”

Yesterday Gilbert was denied entrance to Gaza. His friend and collegue Erik Fosse, who was also there during the war, was let in.

Gaza is as bad as in January, says Gilbert.

According to Fosse and Gilbert, nothing has been done to help the Palestinians in Gaza after the war. People are hungry, their houses are bombed out, children are suffering from serious traumas. And people from the outside, who want to get into Gaza to help, are denied entrance.

Mads Gilberts calls the situation absurd. His hope is that the humans who reacted when there was a war in the area will react as strong now as then.

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  1. Israel is not democratic – it ignores more united nation resolutions than saddam hussien, pol pot and kim il jung in nth korea in total. They have kept palastinians in concentration camps [whoops sorry] "refugee camps" for over 60 years. Like the east germans they wall in these people. This american satalite country is the sole reason for unrest in the middle east – but of course to say that is anti semetic – that is until you read the dictionary definition of that word . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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