British Invention – The hovercraft


The hovercraft was invented by British engineer Sir Christopher Cockerell. He produced his first working model in 1956 and three years later his first full size test craft was produced by Saunders Roe. On 25 July 1959 the, Cockerell designed, Saunders Roe Nautical One (SRN1), successfully completed the first cross Channel hovercraft crossing from Calais to Dover, exactly fifty years after Bleriot’s first Channel flight. The first regular passenger service from Dover started on 1 August 1968 when the Dover to Boulogne service was inaugurated.One passenger recalled the experience of the ride: "The ride was quite noisy, more like a ride on a noisy turboprop airliner than a boat. Unless calm, the motion was also rather abrupt as waves struck the vessel, producing a synchronized head toss action of the passengers." The last of the craft was withdrawn from service in October 2000.


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  1. I have always been facinated by the hoover craft. Too bad it is so noisy.

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