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                                                           SAVE THE SHARK

A third of shark species and their evolutionary cousins, the rays, are at risk of extinction due to overfishing, says the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The body’s experts say sharks are especially sensitive to over-fishing because they take many years to mature and have relatively few young. It is vital for governments boost monitoring of boats catching them, they said. The tagline of a popular  beauty product is: ‘Be healthy. Be vibrant. Be beautiful… unless you’re a shark. Then, be dead.’ This line of beauty products uses squalene harvested from the livers of sharks. Sharks used to provide the squalene for these beauty products are captured and killed by bottom-trawling deep sea fishing operations. Those operations use heavy nets that drag across fragile ecosystems on the ocean floor, ripping them up and replacing healthy marine habitat with deep sea deserts. Killing all sea creatures. Squalene  could easily be obtained from  olives grown organically in sustainable groves.

 If this environmental destruction were happening in order to provide life-saving medications available in no other way, perhaps there might be some reasonable excuse for it. But that’s not what we’re talking about.  The situation of the sharks in the world is dramatic! France has an enormous responsibility in the dramatic situation with which the sharks are confronted; Indeed, in Europe, France is the country which kills the most sharks in the process of their decline. France is in addition the only European country who persists in fishing the shark INTO extinction and whose flesh is sold in the fish shops under the voluntarily misleading name of " calf of the sea". In the Mediterranean, more than 90% of the sharks have already disappeared. If nothing is made to save these ANIMALS the marine ECO SYSTEM will be irreversibley destroyed.

In the world 100 million sharks are massacred annually. Food for the starving peasants????????? NO! Shark liver oil, known as squalene is used in cosmetic products TO PLACATE THE VANITY OF WOMEN.

Oil free moisturisers can be found in products ranging from ageing creams to lip gloss. To its credit Unilever, an international manufacturer of leading brands of food,personal cars and home products, recently announced that it will remove squalene from its cosmetic brands, including Pond’s and Dove. The French also to there credit, and my admiration, have stopped burning English mutton and are launching a campaign highlighting the wonton and systematic destruction of the shark. Today July 2 @ 12.00 at a cosmetic store at 34 avenue du General Leclerc, Paris 14arr. [ a model, I assume ! ] of a shark will be suspended from the upper windows of the Lush store to promote its pirate nemo soap. Lush products only use natural ingredients . . . amazing what you learn on Facebook !




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  1. Hi, I\’d like to correct one thing about that article. In France, shark is sold under the name of shark, and not "calf of the sea". We do know what we buy when we are buying it. The only thing is that I have never heard that shark was part of the protected species. It usually comes from the Mediterranean sea and the main problem is that the dolphins get caught in the nets waiting for the sharks. At least, that\’s what we are told…Céline

  2. Thanks for bring this to our attention. So much goes on that we are unaware of..

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