A few cups of coffee a day may stave off Alzheimer’s disease and could even help to treat the condition, according to new research. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have sticky clumps of abnormal protein in the brain called beta amyloid plaques.  Caffeine was given to mice and researchers recorded a 50% reduction in levels of beta amyloid protein in their brains. The creatures also developed better memories and quicker thinking. The equivalent dose in humans would be 500 milligrams of caffeine a day, or just 5 cups of ordinary coffee or 14 cups of tea.



  1. BEIJING, April 14 (Xinhua) — "The Chinese Ministry of Health recently said that people should drink "less" instant coffee, warning acrylamide, a chemical these foods contain, may cause cancer"I don\’t know if it is true, like everything else they tell us is bad or good for our health. They shall be telling us Coca-cola is "good" for us next !!!

  2. Hi. Here I am back blogging again. Good to see you are still at it. I am very pleased to see this information. It hasn\’t hit the media in the states yet. I don\’t drink 5 cups per day–only a couple–, but I do consume tea as well. Was there any information about drinking decaffeinated versus with caffeine?

  3. a. I should prepare this since I saw this infomation. haha. Really confused! b. I read your profile. What is a story-teller? Do you mean your family has been story-tellers since old times? Or is it your job? I also googled that La Chataigneraie is a famous hospital…..Wow, you are misty! haha

  4. Like you I have only visited the american blog once or twice – he does not know me.. .. 象您我一两次只参观了美国博克-他不认识我。you should ask one of my friends in China. .. ..您应该问我的一个从中国的朋友。Can you read Chinese? Good …

  5. should be: 我和您一样,只看过一两次美国人的博客-他不认识我。您应该问我的一个在中国的朋友。

  6. haha….useful information for all! But, I think you are far from the normal age of this group of people, maybe 80 or above are the most likely age?

  7. Coffee has always been good though I am a great tea Drinker. In Mauritius there is a saying that "Coffee makes People nervous". To that I always reply that " It is People who make People nervous ! ".

  8. I have already had more than one litre of coffee today, and another litre is on its way! But I drink an awful lot of milk, too! (At least one litre a day!) That means proteins! Might be dangerous, or what? I hardly eat meat, though…

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