JOHN CLARE 1793-1864


Regular visitors will know that I usually include a poem on my Saturday blog and that my favourite poet, perhaps, is John Clare. I heard an item on this morning’s news bulletin that his home had been bought and restored. This is a picture of his cottage and a few lines from a poem where he writes about it:


“The old house stooped just like a cave 
Thatched o’er with mosses green 
Winter around the walls would rave 
But all was calm within 
The trees they were as green agen 
Where bees the flowers would kiss 
But flowers and trees seemed sweeter then 
My early home was this.”

Tucked away between Stamford and Peterborough,in middle England,lies the village of Helpston the birthplace and home of John Clare (1793-1864). He is widely regarded as one of the greatest of the English poets and lived in the village for his first forty years. 
The John Clare Trust purchased Clare Cottage in 2007, preserving it for future generations. We’re developing the cottage into an environmental and educational centre of excellence, writers’ retreat, and visitor centre. In addition to enriching people’s knowledge of the lyrical and scientific wonder of the countryside, the centre will set the creative benchmark for education and environment training. The Trust will be active locally, regionally and nationally. (Photograph by Peter Moyse)

This is the site which provides all the details: