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This morning I had the fortune or misfortune , depending on your degree of indoctrination, of reading a piece about creationism. This small Christian cult denounces the theories of Darwin and Einstein as well as other countless “mindless morons” like chaff to the wind. Should I accept their theory this planet came into existence at the blink of a celestial eye, a mere 6,000 years ago. Complete with a full panoply of humans, animals and plants.  Then horror of horror someone sinned – nothing specific here but did  Adam have his way with a goat? Did Eve pig herself out on strawberries? But whatever, chaos ensued and there was a flood, many species are wiped out, the ones not in the ark I guess.

Now I turn to the oldest recorded history of man on this planet – guess where that was – Babylon? No. Palastine? No. South America? No. It was in China. Yes folks Adam and Eve are Chinese.  The Emperor Qin’s reign began 6,000 years ago. Qin the founder of china, imperial leader, son of all the gods, builder of the ‘great wall’. Was, I muse, the original sin anything to do with him walling up tens of thousands of people in the foundations of the wall? Was this act so evil in Adam and Eves eyes that they left this “Garden of Eden” and moved, with there progeny, north, east, south and west? Thus multiplying the seed of mankind throughout the world after a catastrophic world wide flood. We do not need supposition or theory to accept the existence of a civilisation in China 6,000 years ago – it is there in writing! Many centuries before the Babylonians gave the likes of Moses the ability to write. Therefore logic tells us that, as the first humans on the planet, Adam and Eve must be Chinese !

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Philip Appleman 

Eyeless in Palastine, earless in Britain,
lower than a rattlesnake’s belly-button,
deaf as a judge and dumb as an audit:
nobody gave the worm much credit
till Darwin looked a little closer
at this spaghetti-torsoed loser.
Look, he said, a worm can feel
and taste and touch and learn and smell;
and ounce for ounce, they’re tough as wrestlers,
and love can turn them into hustlers,
and as to work, their labors are mythic,
small devotees of the Protestant Ethic:
they’ll go anywhere, to mountains or grassland,
south to the rain forests, north to Iceland,
fifty thousand to every acre
guzzling earth like a drunk on liquor,
churning the soil and making it fertile,
earning the thanks of every mortal:
proud Homo sapiens, with legs and arms—
his whole existence depends on worms.
So, History, no longer let
the worm’s be an ignoble lot
unwept, unhonored, and unsung.
Moral: even a worm can turn.

6 thoughts on “Ahhh. Soooo!

  1. Thousands of People have tried to put forward theories about the Beginning of the world ! This only proves that nothing was factual to say " This is how it was " , and put a full stop to it. Probably we will always try to guess since this true knowledge is veiled tightly. Maybe nobody will ever know the Truth ! So, let us enjoy the Theories of others as the imagination runs free and wild !

  2. No,Harold! I\’m afraid I have say it again "NO!"According to universally accepted definition of "civilization", the Chinese civilization started around 3500 years ago. It\’s far behind the civilizations of the Egyptians, Babylon, or the Ancient Greek…all of them are longer than 4500 years, and I believe the Egyption civilization started somewhere 6000 years ago. The first Emporor united China started less than 2300years.

  3. Lol I stand corrected but it spoils my little summation, which was written with tongue in cheek! I agree Xia dates from about 2100 B.C but I used Qin as an equally logical point in time. The main point is my total DISBELIEF that out planet is only 6000 years old.

  4. I guess those that believe in a god do NOT believe in "carbon dating" ! Blind faith is fools gold.

  5. The creationists are humorous until they try to take over the schools and have ONLY creationism taught instead of evolution or relativity. (That is what they would like to do in the U.S.)

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